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Welcome to the Sandkicker homepage.

Sandkicker is no longer putting out music. We have all strayed our separate ways after years and years of playing music, meeting awesome people, playing with awesome bands, and sleeping on not-so-awesome-at-times floors all across the country. We would like to thank anyone who ever came out to see us, or got to know us along the way.

Check out our LINKS for help on getting a show in this area.


Sandkicker was 5 best friends from Salt Lake City, Utah that loved to play music. Ultimately we were about having a good time, hanging out, and playing music that everyone could rock to.

This band started in the winter of 1996 with a couple friends wanting to have a good time and play some music. We have recorded numerous times but have managed to end up with only 2 decent recordings. We have toured the west coast 4 or five times, and been on a couple 2-3 week tours back east. We have met some really awesome people and played with tons of awesome bands.