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Rose Revolution

Once Upon a Time . . .

The Bride of Roses

Do you believe in fairy tales?

This is a fairy tale about a beautiful young maiden saved from certain death by a handsome prince. The young maiden was so impressed by her prince's strength and nobility that she vowed to become a prince herself. But was that really the best idea?

This is also a story about another beautiful young maiden, who loved her elder brother so much that she willingly bore all the pain and suffering that the world brought upon him. But isn't life meaningless if one is nothing but a sacrifice?

There are stories, fairy tales, whispered among the students within the echoing halls of Ohtori Academy. Stories of handsome princes and beautiful princesses, of noble knights and wicked enchantresses. And there is the story of the girl who fought to achieve it all - her princess, her prince, and the power to bring Revolution to the world.

Enter the Rose Revolution