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Current Rank Structure - as of 4/28/2000
Officers : Capt. Richard T. Whitney

NCOs :
 SGT. Tony Ericksen 9/99
 Cpl. Chris Hertzog 7/98
 Cpl. Anatol Oblazov 9/99

 LCpl. Jerry Jacobs 9/99
 LCpl. Lee Bryner 9/99
 LCpl. Lester Iturralde 9/99
 LCpl. Nate Bergstrom 5/00
 LCpl. Lara Maynes 5/00
 LCpl. Larry Bryner 5/00
 LCpl. Star 5/00
 LCpl. Steve Balderas 5/00
 LCpl. Christopher Patton  8/00

 PFC. Erik Nichols 8 game days
 PFC. Stacey Schelin 6 game days
 PFC. Chris sheeran 6 game days
 PFC. Joe Dalton  8/00

 Pvt. Joe Dalton 4 game days
 Pvt. Lori Cole 2 game days
 Pvt. Kirk Web 3 game days
 Pvt. Justin Freeman 2 game days
 Pvt. Ryan Ford 2 game days
 Pvt. Tom Anderson 2 game days
 Pvt. Tom Kinnick 2 game days

Think about this, i am looking at corporals, we need people that can maintain themselves, even when others are assholes, take initiative, make sure things get done and people clean up their own messes.  Have a stable work/personal life, in other words, they aren't broke dicks, and they do have financial means available. There are only a  few that can fill the requirements, plus they have to have their 2 years in as LCpl.

I've talked with a few others and have recieved nominations,

Christopher Patton
Lara Maynes
Les Iteraulde

Would like suggestions, positive and negative on these choices, plus if there are any other nominations.

Capt. Rick Whitney

If the above information is incorrect or you are not on this list, Contact Capt. Richard T. Whitney
Promotion time begins upon wearing uniform, ( Patch is optional if not in stock ) and expressing a stated interest in obtaining rank.