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Activity Name: Teambuilding and Planning Seminar
Date: May 31 - June 2
Venue: Oriental Mindoro
This a three-day activity wherein officers of BES planned for the coming SY. 2003-2004. It was a very tiring trip, but it was worth it, because of travelling around Mindoro which includes places such as the famous Puerto Galera, some falls, beaches and everything that nature can offer.


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Activity Name: Environmental Awareness Week
Date: December 8-12, 2003
Venue: San Beda College - Mendiola


Theme: "5th ELEMENT: Celebrating Five Years of Environmental Awareness"

Bedan Ecological Society, the official environmental organization of College of Arts and Sciences-San Beda College, will spearhead a major activity entitled Equilibrium: Environmental Awareness Week 2003.

The opening of the weeklong activity begins on Dec. 8. The activity highlights the beginning of the exhibit entitled ELEMENTO joined by different government and NGO's at the St. Maurs Lobby, San Beda College.

The Second day(Dec. 9) highlights the Environmental Forum, which will tackle present issues on eco-tourism, sustainable develpment, globalization and importance of ecology in the 21st century. Activity will be held at the Abbot Lopez Hall, San Beda College.

The third day(Dec. 10) of the event showcases three different activities namely: Ecological Essay Writing Contest, One Nature, exhibit of famous artists and Outreach Program-Ecological Christmas Tree.

The fourth day of the event(Dec. 11) focuses on the Tree Planting activity that will be held at San Beda College, Taytay, Rizal. This willmark the first ever Tree Planting Activity in SBC,Rizal creating the first SBC Ecological Garden.

The last day(Dec. 12) highlights the Iron Awards 2003 at the Quadrangle, San Beda College.



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The Accomplshed Activities of the BES SY. 2003-2004
Activity Name: General Assembly 2003
Date: September 21, 2003
Venue: Audio-Visual Room
A fun-filled activity where the members of BES meet. The activity began with a little orientation all about BES and after that a little forum about environment, ways on how to conserve and protect it properly. The activity ended with a light snack then its time to go home.