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History of BES

Bedan Ecological Society is a progressive, campus based, non profit, non stock, cause motivated organization whose main goal is to elevate environmental and cultural awareness among the Bedan community.

Bedan Ecological Society was formerly Earthlink and the Bedan Green Earth Movement (BGEM). BGEM's constitution was drafted on May 17, 1995 by Mr. Paul Dumindin and Mr. Raymond Sarmiento with 15 charter members in the same year it has established relationship with Haribon Foundation. In 1996 the College of Arts and Sciences recognized it as an official Student Organization through the endorsement of the Office of the prefect of Activities. From its foundation the Organization have faced opposition with an open mindset and have taken them as challenges for further improvement. In 1999 BGEM became Earthlink. Its founding president Mr. Ardon Alegre drafted a new constitution. And starting year AY 2003-2004, it is now known the Bedan Ecological Society.

Bedan Ecological Society has been accredited for its efforts in focusing and advocating environmentally based activities. The organization hold annual activities such as Basic Environmental Courses, Team Building and Leadership Training Seminars, and lectures, symposia, exhibits, awareness and advocacy programs which generally concerns the environment.

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