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What is Bedan Ecological Society?

Bedan Ecological Society is a progressive, campus based, non profit, non stock, and cause-motivated environmental organization whose main goal is to continuously elevate environmental awareness among the Bedan community through research/ information, education, advocacy which address issues and concerns on the environment.

Bedan Ecological Society believes that informing and educating an individual about the state of the environment is essential for the continuous protection and preservation of our natural resources and is necessary for one's individual growth as a citizen of humanity. It is committed to influence active and responsive individuals through a series of yearly advocacy programs, exposure trips, and basic environmental education where they can gain encouragement to be more responsive, pro-active, and effective agent of ecological diversity.

Bedan Ecological Society, in its effort to promote environmental awareness, will present new, innovative, and thought-provoking activities that will educate and enlighten the minds of individuals and hopefully attain a critical mass of supporters who will respond to the immediate needs of the environment.

Finally, Bedan Ecological Societywishes to change the lifestyle and behavior of an individual consistent with environmentally sound principles. It believes that everyone has a responsibility in the preservation and protection of this planet, which is our home.

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