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The Weather in Hell

Hey People! Well, I have *FINALLY* updated my site {8-22-99} YAY!! well, I hope you like the improvements, even though their arn't that many. I like it. Check out the new sites. They are good. Well, I better go! *~*~*RANDI*~*~* :- Rock Out!!!

Don't ask, I borrowed it from the Offspring page!!!

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This music video ROCKS!!!

***My Polls***-Go here to vote for your favorite band and favorite person :). I'll check the results every now and then to see how it's going, oh.....and pick nirvana!! lol! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME HERE!!! Sign the Slam Book here while your at it. OK, you know what to do..NOW GO DO IT!

This is Kurt Cobain, from Nirvana. I love him because his music is awesome, he's hot hehe, and he's really talented. Oh, and if you don't like him I'll have to beat some sense into you and make you like him k? :)

Really Cool Stuff

  1. Cobain Memorial

  2. Something From Me To You {a prezent.:-)}
  3. Pictures of my Friends and some of me{not really though
  4. Simpsons Chat
  5. The Cool Band Pictures!
  6. The Board...list crap for ppl to talk about with me and everyone else
  7. Sarah's web page- "My Golden World" I give this site 4 stars!!
  8. My Picture, I know I know.I am ugly!
  9. Ug's Sublime Page
  10. XYU and SERIALKILLERS Page....come here too
  11. ANTI-HANSON PAGE....this page rules!
  12. BodaSivrak's Star Wars Page
  14. My Chat Room
  15. FUNNY CRAP!!!
  16. WolfPacks Page
  17. Austin Powers anyone??
  18. Rocky Horror Picture Show!!
  19. OakTree's {Jessie} Home Page. I give this site a big 4 starz too!

  21. Click here if your an idiot like me!!

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