White Rim Trail is CLOSED
now OPEN 2-27-05

This just in from the US Park Service.

February 18, 2005

Sometime during the last 24 hours, a major landslide occurred on the White Rim trail causing a significant road obstruction. This landslide occurred on the west side of the White Rim, between the park entrance and Labyrinth campground. Specifically, the slide is located 1.7 miles from the White Rim west entrance just before the narrow cliff section of road that approaches Labyrinth campground.

It appears that a large section of Wingate cliff broke off and brought down a tremendous amount of material. The debris field is approximately 200' wide and up to 40' deep across the road. The debris spans from the base of the Wingate all the way down to river level. There are numerous "truck" sized blocks in the slide.

The White Rim trail is impassable to all vehicles, including motorcycles, at this location. The footing is extremely poor going across the slide - I sank up to my knees in dust and rocks as I crossed it. The slide area appears to be very unstable. People should stay off of it.

A reconnaisance flight has been dispatched to determine if there are any visitors in need of assistance.

Below are photos documenting the landslide. Thanks to Black George for his help in scouting the landslide.

Mark Pita
U.S. Park Ranger
Island in the Sky District
Canyonlands National Park
(435) 259-4712 ext 13

North side of slide
North side of slide with truck
Middle of slide
South side of slide
View from river
Photos by NPS
NPS Arrow

Murphy's Hogback