I ordered a Laser Pro Duro from Fred late on a Tuesday night. It arrived on Friday morning. Great service. Installation was straight forward, fit is great. I used silicone gasket 'stuff' for the slip joints and the included clamps, no leaks, no problems. First start up was pleased with the sound, just above stock and a bit deeper. Almost sounds stock. Bike seems to rev freer, feels a bit stronger, not much. At this point its a stock '02, with the pilot turned out 2 turns. Had a bit of a surge at 4300rpm, shimmed the needle and all is well again. I think with a jet change, K&N and the airbox opened up on top there is more power to be had. That comes next. This looks like the highest quality aftermarket slip-on I've ever seen, for any bike. Knocks a few pounds off too. Price is a bit steep, but I think this is one case where you get what you pay for. It will make more power, isn't loud, is lighter and doesn't have to be repacked. Thanks, Fred.