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  1. Greetings, My stuff arrived in today's mail. I'm very impressed although it is way too hot and humid to even think of working on anything tonight without throwing wrenches around. Thank you for the great service, I'll read my service manuals and you can quiz me in the morning.

    cheers, peter

  2. Hi Fred, Just wanted to let you know that I received my Givi items today - everything's in good shape, just what I wanted, and it came fast. Thanks much.


  3. Honda XL mirrors are reported to be nice as well, for further after market schtuff think Hink. Fred that is. Moab man for accessories extraordinaire.

    Toby(Cal Posse)

  4. Arne wrote: I believe he also wears those tire irons in a forearm sheath, and is deadly with them when he uses them as throwing knives.

  5. Fred doesn't use tire irons in his regular work. He rips a tire off the rim with his bare hands. Yessir, Mr. Hink sir, I will order again soon.


  6. Fred, Hi there...just picked up the kit. Brought down some money for the duty but endd up at a Native run casino about 20 min into the US. On $20.00 US won $120.00 playing 21. To make things even better, when I got to the Canadian crossing I didn't have to pay duty as I know the Border Officer. Going to be putting the kit in tomorrow.
    Thanx again!


  7. fred, you rock!

  8. From: Tim

    Fred, Your a regular treasure trove of information. I think that I will switch to Mobil1 synthetic (10w40 I assume) This last weekend I went to my honda dealer in Hutch and bought 3 quarts of oil for 20.00$! Something has to change. Thanks! As for the stainless steel oil filter I will have to consider it and start saving my pesos!

  9. Fred, Received my stuff at noon on Saturday. Fast service.



  10. Fred at Arrowhead is probably your best bet for the best price and quickest responce time.


  11. Just ordered some small parts from Fred, he sent them last week and they just arrived today! Remember that I am in Canada!. Great Job Fred!



  12. Hi Fred, I just recieved my front fender - looks cool! Thanks for the prompt service, it's much appreciated. I'm still working on convincing my wife how important a new exhaust system is. Any day now!



  13. Thanks for getting all the stuff I ordered to me. As usual it's been a pleasure buying parts from you. I installed all the goodies and she's running great! It's like a different creature all together now.



  14. Yeah, here's what you do, send it to fred, or Buchannan's or someone who knows all the intricacies and don't touch it, i am digging myself a grave here trying to do it myself.


  15. Good Morning Fred, Just thought you like to know I received my order this morning. needless to say I'm quite pleased. It's rewarding to have a new supplier with whom it's such a pleasure to deal with.


    Congress has set aside budget talks, impeachment hearings and panty raids to declare (and observe) this day as Fred Hink day. All interns will be fondled an additional 3-5 minutes in his honor. Congratulations Fred and thank you for your many contributions.

  17. Fred was a great host at the last KLR Rally in Moab and I was struck with his willingness to help folks out! I just want to recognize Fred here and let him know that we appreciate his being here and providing the expertise he does.

    I'd like to Ditto that comment. I think it is important for new comers to the list to understand that there is a good history between Fred (Arrowhead Motorsports), the list and Dual Sport News (was Kawasaki 650 Dual Sport News). This is a relationship that seems to be unique to this list only as I find other lists completely intolerant to vendors, especially, dare I say, the BMW lists. Fred has earned my trust, respect and business and I highly endorse doing business with him.


  18. Hello: I'm very new to the KLR world as I've only owned my 98 KLR for 2 weeks. I managed to put just 512 miles on before the rally.

    Firstly I'd like to say thanks to Gino and Fred for making this happen. There were a lot of people (me included) who had many questions, demands, and issues that needed to be settled and they did a great job. Fred has an excellent shop (once you found it) and it was a great rally point for the rally.

    I arrived late on Thursday with my KLR on a trailer and brought a friend who would ride my other dirt bike, a Honda XR600. On Friday we headed to the shop and found it easily once we knew to turn off the highway at the Branding Iron restaurant.

    Before even heading out to the trail I snagged the last White Brothers skid plate from Fred and managed to mount it on my KLR with the loan of a few tools from Fred. I like the plate, the price was fair, and it was worth it's weight in gold out in Moab.


  19. I just got my KLR650 tank & Saddle bags from Fred. I love them! If you need anything for you bike call Fred, he's awesome. Thanks Fred.


  20. Oh boy! we go again...just when Fred's head started to fit his helmet again. It has taken 4 months (since Moab) please please listers have pity on Fred he likes to ride...(;-)


  21. To All:
    What I am about to say will not be a surprise to anyone! I have noticed over a long period of time the amount of effort and input Fred (Arrowhead Motorsports) puts into the LIST. He seems to always be willing to help and certainly takes a great deal of his fussiness time to reply to questions and provide advice.

    Fred was a great host at the last KLR Rally in Moab and I was struck with his willingness to help folks out!

    I just want to recognize Fred here and let him know that we appreciate his being here and providing the expertise he does.

    I know that I will always go out of my way to purchase gear/parts from Fred - he is ready to help and deserves our support! I hope others will too!


  22. I have ordered stuff from Fred in Moab and had it in my mailbox in San Diego the next afternoon. I'm giving Fred the credit here not the Post Office by the way.


  23. I not only second this on after market stuff, but Fred has been able to get me genuine Kawaski parts faster than my local dealer, and I'm all the way out in MN, (that's almost the arctic, but not quite) so if you can't find it locally or they have to order it, give Fred a call.

    MN Ron

  24. I ordered some parts from Fred Hink this past last thursday. My parts were waiting for me at the postoffice today (monday 04/05/99). I have finished putting the parts on my beloved A13 and now she is ready to thump.

    I called about six different LOCAL Kawasaki dealers and zero out of six had my parts in stock and all said that it would be a MINIMUM of five working days before they would come in. That was disgusting, so I gave Fred a call.

    All my parts problems....disappeared upon completion of my telefone call with Fred!!

    He had all parts and some extras I decided to pick up and had them to me in a very expediant manor and that was half way across the country. I am in Dallas/Fort Worth and he is in Utah (I think).

    Mister Fred Hink shall be my sole source of parts. I hope that if you get ticked off with your alleged parts supplier kawasaki dealer, then give Fred a call.

    Thanks for the great service Fred!!


  25. My thanks to Fred Hink, Arrowhead Motorsports for the tip on the battery. (wish you were in my neighborhood) Ron

  26. But a great vote of appreciation to Fred Hink for opening his shop and home (toilet) to the group and those in need.

    Fred got me back on the road twice with what would have been weekend ending malfunctions...many thanks Fred.


  27. Out of ignorance, may I ask a question? Who is Fred? I like "improving" and maintaining my rides. Is Fred someone who can fill the need for parts?

    Thanks, NY Pete

  28. Thanks for the great service Fred!!

    Thanks for the compliment. I live in MOAB, Utah. It's not the end of the earth, but you can see it from here.


    Oh! That's what that was! I was wondering.



  29. Hey, found this link with Fred in it-hey Fred, are you in any of the pix? I must confess it is I in the blue helmet and blue jacket.

    Fred, I had you pegged for the guy sittin' with the babe. Oh well.

    Not only has Fred put up with my shenanigans, but he was very helpful with GPS info and maps for Moab. I second the impression that he is a stand up guy. He will get my biz.


  30. So I call Fred to get a manual. And because of the recent discussion on line, I pick up an extra shift lever for my trip to Baja. And a stainless steel oil filter.

    Fred's just got such a smooth voice. I'd buy anything from that man. :)


  31. Just a quick note, I think my last e-mail note was "lost" concerning Fred Hink and Arrowhead Motorsports.

    Ordered a couple of items on a Saturday, I think, added stuff via e-mail on Sunday, (broke parts on Saturday heh heh heh). He verified everything, had my package in 3 days, as promised. Everything went on perfectly. Now the "KLAW", the name of my KLR, has Acerbis handguards, so I don't mash >my knuckles so bad, an MSR skid plate, and a White Bros shifter, if I break this one too, I give up, he he he. Went bake to "the candy store" to see what else, "I NEED"!!!.

    Fred, great service, seems like a "top-shelf" company, will gladly do business again!

    Many NY Thanks, from NY Pete

  32. ROCKS!!!!!

    Hey check it out! Great comphrehensive parts list! AND these prices are significantly cheaper than any dealer.


  33. By the time it is broken in, I am SURE Fred will have the 16T sprocket. Fred will have it when your bike is ready for it. He has a a sixth sense about KLR's the way a horse trainer has with his thoroughbred.


  34. Just wanted to let everyone know that I received my fork-saver from Fred a couple of days ago and can report that it works very well. Anyone who trailers their KLR should think seriously about getting one of these devices from Fred.


  35. Hey Fred you lucky (get to ride the white rim anytime) stiff, If you wheelie Musselman Arch you'd best get me a picture to prove it! HA!

    Fred: PS- I want a report of your ride tomorrow

    BoB (Who hopes you get rained on cause I'm jealous)

  36. Fred runs a cycle shop in a desolate, desert region in southern Utah (very very hot) and he has kind of adopted us (the KLR list).

    Fred might have the manuals (there are two and you need them both) in stock. He is a crusty old character (;-) but don't let that scare you. He keeps service manuals on the shelf next to his eight track version of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (he still reminisces about the good old days when it was on the charts for 140 weeks 81 in the top ten) where they both gather a lot of sand. Normally, it would cost you a good stiff shot of something to get his attention, but I would assume that you could send him a private email with a VISA /Mastercard number or a certified check in American dollars and he would be pleased to send you copies via United Parcel Service.


  37. I took it on a two hour ride and came to the quick conclusion that it was the best $22 that I had ever spent. The reason that I bought the Vista Cruise model instead of the NEP that Gino recommends is because Fred Hink, who sells both brands, informed me that the construction of the Vista Cruise appeared to be more durable than the NEP model.

    I also purchased some PRO GRIP GEL grips (with dimple finish) and am very satisfied with them also.

    By the way, this was my first order from Fred Hink and will not be my last. Fred had fair pricing and the order arrived the exact day he said it would. Based on my phone conversation with him and his frequent posts to the KLR list he seems very knowledgeable about the KLR 650.


  38. Thanks Fred, for your valuable advice about motorcycling, and keep it coming!



  39. Fred has treated me well, too. I don't see how he makes money with all that free advice during the sale, but it is very much appreciated.


  40. Fred Hink is the nicest person trading in the internet!

    He sent me all the parts right on time. Imagine that I'm living in "Turkey"! He "I believe" is the official supplier of our list. Do you know how do I know it? Although I'm a researcher on cardiology, they made me manager of biomedical engineering department (they know that I don't know the taste of money). I decide which of the million $ devices will be bought so I know trading and sellers all around the real-virtual world.

    Trust Fred, I do so.

    Birol Say, M.D.

  41. Thanks for the advice Fred, it is much appreciated.


  42. A couple of months ago I never though I would have spent any money for my old KLR600... my belief was simply that it wasn't worth!!!

    SOOooo... here comes Fred Hink! His readyness to help people on the list with good advices or with hard-to-find parts, made me think that, after all, to get some of the special parts you install on your KLR 650 wouldn't be too difficult... and I e-mailed him for information... then again for my order... then again for some strange requests ;-) to try and save some money!!!

    The result of all this??? I got a new exhaust, fork springs, sprocket, air box vents.... and a lot of work to do in the next weekends!

    My wife will kill me!

    And you, listers, and Fred in special manner, will be responsable of the crime!


    Best regards from Pippo in Italy.

    Ciao a tutti, Ciao Fred!

  43. Tale of a Tin Can
    I travel all the way to Fred's "in the buff" sound wise. I braved the stares of some Gold Wing guys who seemed unaware of the lives I was saving. Fred deftly preformed surgery, repacked (whatever packing was left hit the highway) and even welded in a nut in the stripped bolt hole. For the first time I had a fully functioning Supper Trapp not a Supper Crapp. With the packing the sound wasn't even bad!


  44. Fred wrote:
    Where do you live? Antarctica? The Moon?

  45. Arnie:
    I have spent some time in Antarctica and I would bet that Fred could easily get parts to you there (the problem is getting the permits to run a combustion engine vehicle on the continent).

    Now the moon.... I am sure Fred *could* get you parts shipped there, but you would have to pay for shipping. If that indeed is your location, I

  46. Beware of Fred at Arrowhead, I have ordered from him 3 times and the same thing has happened. I called him Monday to get a couple valve shims, his reply was "I will send them out in the morning and you will get them on Thursday". As usual, they came a day early, and the parts are the correct ones! This is one reason I deal with him and not the Kaw shop 1 1/2 miles down the road.

    Thanks Fred


  47. The reason Fred sells so many products on this list is because of his service. There are very few places you can go to get the type of customer service he gives.


  48. Fred at Arrowhead has been dispensing technical help, friendship, humor along with animal husbandry since this list was first formed. He also hosts the get-together in Moab, UT.


  49. I looked up Fred at Arrowhead Motorsports. I had a nice early morning conversation with Fred and complained about the severe cupping of my front tire hoping for some advice on why? Fred wasn't sure but said he might have a replacment tire. In my wildest dreams I wouldn't have thought Fred would have had a front tire for a Beemer! Well, I got to watch Fred change my tire with one hand and a cell phone in the other. I'm so happy I was able to enjoy my usual highspeed desert run home. I would have been really been hobbled with my old cupped tire. Thanks Fred!


  50. I recommend purchasing from Fred Hink at Fred is the only shop in the country that caters to the KLR.


  51. Fred @ Arrowhead Motorsports can set you up with the sprockets you want. Be warned that he lies about delivery times - your order will probably come a day or two SOONER than he says! You can call in your order or place it via the web. His web site is in the "LINKS" section at the egroups website.

    For newbies: Fred knows more about our KLRs than any Kawi dealer. He'll give you great advice if you ask, his only drawback is he rides Hondas (G!).


  52. I'll be the first one to this punch... Talk to Fred at Arrowhead. He's got everything at most of the best prices. He is knowledgeable and you'll get your stuff faster than most local shops can.


  53. Arrowhead does have a 14 tooth front sprocket!! Fred E-mailed me yesterday just as I was checking my own e-mail. Said to call him because he was getting ready to go riding on Sunday. I called him Saturday night, he takes my order and that's that. That's customer service!!!!!

    Fred informed me he has a lot of things that aren't listed on the parts list on his web site. The moral of the story - call Fred first. Don't just rely on what's listed on the web site.

    Fred: You have customer for life. Thanks again.


  54. I got my bearings from Fred at today. I ordered them on monday.. I still have yet to get my parts from Chaparal that i ordered LAST WEEK! and they are right down the road from me..

    Thanks FRED!!!


  55. He's shipping the rotor tools today, along with all sorts of other nifty moto-goodies. He was patient with my 50 bazillion questions, and had lots of advice. He had EVERYTHING in stock


  56. Another markie to will equip you with the finest chain, tires and tubes from "Big Red" Fred Hink.


  57. Fred Hink at Arrowhead Motorsports, your service is fast and accurate as usual. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again!

    Thank-you Fred.


  58. bought the Renthal soft grips from the dealer and ordered the pro grips from Fred a week later at almost half the price even w/shipping. The Renthal grips didn't feel much better than stock, but the pro grips seem to have made quite a bit of difference in absorbing the engine vibration.


  59. > ... Thou shalt seeketh Fred-Of-Moab ...

    Does this mean all donations I have made to Fred-Of-Moab are tax deductible?


  60. Only if you made the checks out to The Church of Latter Day Arrowhead.


  61. Just a note to thank Fred for the great service. Just a note to let everyone know how satisfied I am with the service this business provides. Thanks Fred for all the patience and the help.


  62. More praise for Fred ... I can't thank him enough for his knowledge and very fast service! Keep this guy in business.


  63. Bookmark and put Fred Hinks number on speed dial.


  64. Good advice, I'm trying to get the phone co. to install a direct line phone from the house to Fred's shop, saves time when you need that part asap.


  65. I'll be sure to mention you and Arrowhead Motorsports as an excellent source of parts and that you will be shipping to me and Mariola Cichon anywhere in the world as needed. See you June 1 in Moab. Will be glad to count you as another new friend, which is a large part of what our tour is about.


  66. Hello Fred,

    Just wanted to say thanks for getting those parts to me overnight. Love the service you give for these things.


  67. I bought the shim pack from Fred before I took the bike apart. It wasn't a lot of money, certainly less than the aggravation, time and gas driving to 5 different dealers.


  68. I would recommend getting together with Fred at He knows his stuff and can offer you all the items you need.


  69. He carries pretty much anything you could ever want, including shims. *I* would recommend his 16 shim set, which will provide you with just about any shim you could ever need to get the job done. Fred is "good people," feel confident in ordering from him...


  70. Thanks Fred, I got the Dunlopads for the KLR and they are exactly what I was needing. I am still amazed at the delivery speed you can obtain, the mail man even put it in my neighbors mailbox and I got it way before I expected it!


  71. Fred is fast. I ordered progressively wound springs on a Monday and got them in Houston on Thursday. Hell, the post office can't deliver a letter locally that fast.


  72. I just installed a set of Galfer pads (green and black) from Fred at Arrowhead. Wish I would have done this from day one! BIG difference.


  73. You must be new. Everbody on the list just emails Fred Hink at ArrowHead Motorsports (htt:// with their credit card number when they join the list. Really, it should just be a requirement...

    Fred seems to have everything; not just parts, but good advise, a decent joke, etc. Probably a couple of Porsche 911s due to all the business he gets ;)


  74. The couple of things I've ordered from Fred ( one item today, coincidentally) have been below, WAY below what I could get them for at my Kawi Dealer. Plus, Fred's mailorder service is known to be surprisingly fast.


  75. In all my 40 years of buying motorcycle parts, I have never found anybody as fast or reliable as Fred. We need to cultivate his business for the good of all. JMHO


  76. I bought my tires from Fred and a bunch of other things. I think his prices are good (sometimes GREAT, sometimes OK). Everyone has to form thier own opinions. Whenever I have a question he takes the time to answer it honestly and completly. When was the last time you spoke to a knowlegeable parts person at a dealership? His advice and honesty is worth any extra cost. I think he's always been cheaper than any dealer near me and he ships everything lightning fast.

    I'm not sure what I'd do without his shop.

    Vive La Arrowhead


  77. The thing I hate the most about getting parts from Fred is he always gets them to me before I expect them and then I have to drop everything I had planned so I can put the parts on and then I have to go for a ride.


  78. Fred's found me stuff that nobody else could. yup


  79. you know, i have this same experience, and i ordered all my parts all the way from joisey. fred, you've gotta do something about that...

    like gino said, arrowhead is a one-man show, and fred is an honest, stand-up guy.


  80. Personally, I don't know if Fred's prices are at 'rock bottom' or not. I always use him and I always recommend him. His service would be worth the extra dollar or two anyway. We all hear constant bitches about the service and misadvise of dealers on this list. I just don't hear bitching about Fred's place. That worth something.


  81. Fred's prices have always been fair. His service on the other hand is exceptional. Often the small details of information given has saved hours of discovering the best way to do things, and has far outweighed any nickle and dime price differences I may have found digging through the phone book or the internet. Mostly, I know if I order it, it will be right the first time, and at my door in a couple of days. That's something my local dealer hasn't come close to matching, and is what makes seemingly fair prices a bargain.


  82. - Yes! Great guy with fast service - Fred at Arrowhead Motorsports.


  83. Your first thought is correct, Fred is "The Man". You will not be disappointed. He's FAST, knowledgeable and his prices are fair. Not to mention he stocks damn near everything under the sun. But be warned, if you're anything like me, calling Fred is like letting a kid loose in a candy store.


  84. Fred is the greatest.


  85. IMHO, there is nobody better to deal with than Fred. I've ordered from him on many occasions, the service is always great and FAST.


  86. For those rare few on the list that like motorcycle AND nice looking ladies, he is a URL for you:

    It looks like Fred has put his new high speed DSL connection to good use and started changing the UG photos again. It gives you something to dream about other than those parts that you can't afford while you are visiting the site....


  87. I would like to put in a little plug for Fred, not that he really needs it. I have only ordered from him once, but will be ordering again soon. When I called he not only knew exactly what I was talking about, he had the OEM part in stock. He told me he would run to the post office that afternoon (a Saturday!)to get my order out! I had already called 6 "local" Kawasaki dealers and none had the part in stock or seemed particularly intersted in ordering it. I don't think Fred has ever claimed to be a discounter, but his prices are fair and his service and knowledge are excellent. Sure you can save a few bucks on some items, but is it worth it? How many discounters (or dealers for that matter) know or care anything about our particular bikes?


  88. I believe that Fred Hink deserves every bit of the credit he gets for going above and beyond the call of duty time and time again. He has the parts that nobody else stocks, he delivers them on-time, and he backs them up with world-class service and support.


  89. > >things about one of the list's sacred cows.


    > Arrowhead is run by a cow?

    Of course not, silly. But sometimes, when everyone is bowed in prayer toward Moooab, the cows get in the way and no one is around to chase them off, so Fred does it. Somebody has to do it. So he has been named "honorary phullabull" by the cow culture prevalent in western and southwestern states.


  90. Fred's a friend to the list, and if you ever go to Moab and meet him, you will find out what kind of person he is. He opens his shop on Sunday to help out stranded folks, lets people use him like a doormat for tools, advice, shop time, etc. and opens his hometown to and acts as host for a bunch of us, all for no compensation. More than I would do for sure.


  91. When I needed advice on a forkspring, when my masterlink clip fell off South of the border, when my Super-Crap fell onto Highway 46 outside of Moab and needed to be repaired etc., I turned to a tall svelte guy with chiseled features. He kinda reminded me of Fred Astair or Charles Boyer.


  92. I was also the beneficiary of Fred's generosity this June when my rear hub got screwed by Hondaland. Fred fixed the hub, for free, on Sunday, at his shop, enabling me to ride home the following day. And I appreciate it.

    Fred also talked me out of buying the Kawasaki tool to do the steering stem bearings, I did it with a punch and hammer like he suggested, thereby saving myself big dollas. Buy from Fred!! He's the man!!


  93. And don't forget about that trick web page with all the spinning icons and the Umbrella girl photos.

    Rumor is that all those girls actually work at Fred's shop. I really need to drop by someday...


  94. Fred is one of the few honest retailers I have had the pleasure of dealing with over the years. I've dealt with Fred on numerous occasions and will continue to do so. He has gone above and beyond for me many times to find the info or parts I needed for my KLX. Keep up the good work Fred. Your prices are fair and reasonable and you should never have to apologize for making a living, no one is in business to break even.


  95. As many listers do, I have swapped in braided steel brake lines and Galfer pads (I got them from Fred Hink at Arrowhead Motorsports in Moab, Utah. Fred is sort of the list's patron saint) and significantly improved my braking.


  96. Just Rub It In......
    Not only do you guys have some of the best riding in the world, you have some of the finest T-Shirts too.... 8-O!


  97. Well last Monday afternoon I called Fred Hink at Arrowhead Motorsports and ordered a few things for my new A16. Fred was very helpful and I received the new fork springs, brake lines, superbrace and bash plate Wednesday afternoon. Great service and what a difference these additions make to the KLR!


  98. Fred would be your best bet for helping with specific questions, and such...


  99. Thanks for your prompt attention to this very important order. I also appreciate the discount you offered. Anyone who needs parts should deal with Fred at Arrowhead Motorsports in Moab, Utah. He knows our needs and has or can get what we need pronto to where we need it. Well, that's the sad story of what is wrong with Critter, Punky and Lew's, up until now, faithful ride throughout the Americas. The sooner we get the parts, the sooner we will be back on the road again. Later.

    Punky & Lew

  100. Fred is honest, quick and reasonably priced. I've purchased many items from him and he always takes care of me.

    No business affiliation, just a very satisfied customer.


  101. Vote with your dollars, people! Sure, GiantCorp may be able to get you parts a buck or two cheaper, but it's the person you can talk to live and get advice from that deserves your business. I've purchased everything for my BRP (with the exception of new tires, which I bought locally) from Fred. If we don't support the little guy who actually gives a damn you'll eventually have nothing but GiantCorp to go to.


  102. I just got one from Fred. Good Price, nice quality, but above that the guy's got integrity. I'm a happy customer!!


  103. Hmmm.....good parts service and a titillating web site.

    Fred, you're O.K. !!



  104. I guess I've been spoiled by the way Fred operates - you Email him with a question or an order, and you don't have time to make a cup of coffee before you've got a reply from him.


  105. You can get the parts from Fred, he will help you out and is great to work with.


  106. I also want to really thank Fred Hink for such a cool website! I really look forward to logging in and checking out this site.


  107. Thanks to Fred the XR list admin. for the great job and a very successful list. I race to the computer everyday to see whats new and who's figured out what. There are a lot of clever folks out there and I for one appreciate the insight.


  108. Thanks for the quick service again Fred. Got the toys from you and am wrapping them for Christmas for my honey.


  109. Proud to say it, Fred. You've treated me (and many MANY other folks) VERY well. Your service, help, and prices are the BEST! I know I'll be ordering more stuff from you in the future.

    All the best,


  110. Shop locally and/or with a trusted, informed, fair guy like Fred. The big "discount" houses aren't really that cheap.



  111. Good advice about Fred already--he's as helpful as folks say that he is, prompt and dependable for two orders in the past month. He shipped priority mail and stuff got to Hawaii quickly and in good condition.


  112. Hi Fred,
    The parts came just fine.
    Muchas Gracias,

    Dominican Rep.

  113. I should mention that via Arrowhead Motorsports it's possible to access accurate information from the comfort of your computer chair at home, long after every other motorcycle shop owner has gone to bed, and that you can order stuff at that time from the knowledgeable shop owner and it will be on its way to you in the morning. And it will be the right part or accessory.


  114. Gotta say good things about Fred, here. I haven't bought tires from him, but HAVE bought a ton of other stuff from him. Been to his shop, had dinner with him, have gotten advice on local trails from him, have gotten parts and maintenance advice from him.

    His prices, even if not the lowest in the land, are quite fair, and his service is excellent. He's a regular guy doing something he loves, making a living helping us out; not a big corporation that doesn't give a shit if you ever buy anything again. Almost all of the aftermarket stuff on my KLR has come from Fred's place (except tires; I buy them locally. ;<) )


  115. Try Fred Hink: Fred stocks every part you will ever need for your KLR He just marks it up enough to eat soup and maybe a few measly beans.

    Fred is the greatest!


  116. Your experience illustrates exactly what I've said before. You may save a couple bucks with "GiantCorp", but your better VALUE is with someone like Fred who actually cares about the customer.


  117. Cheers Fred, you're a diamond geezer!


  118. As much as I WANT to support local dealers, sometimes it's hard. I went by the dealership where I bought my KLR (about 90 miles away) and went to the parts counter to get a clutch cable. When I asked if they had one, the guy chuckled. After a few moments, I was informed that he could order one and it would be in "in a week or two." When I asked if it could be shipped to me, I was told no.

    I saved myself a trip to the dealership nearer to here and called...expecting, and GETTING, a similar response. This is the same place that the last time I asked for an oil filter for a KLR 650, the counter guy asked "Is that a motorcycle or fourwheeler?"

    I called Fred on Thursday afternoon, had a CHOICE of what cable I wanted, a nice chat, and had the cable shipped to my front door. It was there on Monday morning.


  119. All of the positive feedback from this list is why you got my first order instead of xxxx-xxxx or another outfit. Word of mouth, it's a very VERY strong thing! On that vein, add me to your list of supporters. The items got here exactly when he said they would and were exactly as he described. No wonder he's so popular with the aftermarket around here! Thanks for the rapid shipping and straight-forward insight. I will definitely do business with you again!


  120. You must mention Fred when talking about excellent service. For a one man show he is fast, with very fair prices and he is a storehouse of knowledge. When I get my next Pig he will have my patronage, again!


  121. I ordered my parts from Fred on Monday and had them in my mailbox on Wednesday as promised. How'd you do that Fred? Thanks for the great service and quick turn around.


  122. Just wanted to thank you for shipping everything out so quickly after we talked on Monday. The seals and springs arrived on Wednesday. I put them on on Friday -- and wow what a difference the Progressive springs make.

    Thanks again!


  123. Just got my new tires. Much faster than I ever thought they would be delivered. Damn, it's been snowing here for 3 days!! Oh well, I got them for spring, lots of time to mount them!

    Thanks for the excellent service Fred. You Da Man!!


  124. Fred
    Your prompt customer service is an example to all.



  125. And, I give praise to Fred. Super fast shipment of parts, knowledgeable, friendly. Hell, the guy doesn't even want the part numbers, such a Guru with the KLR stuff! Just tell him what you need, he'll get it. If anyone on the list hasn't tried Fred yet, you are missing out on the last of the small businesses that care. Personal service, not that big-chain store kinda crap.

    Thanks Fred!


  126. Speaking of Fred..... I have to agree with you on this one. I ordered a front and rear tire for my KLR a few weeks ago. I hung up and realized that I didn't even give him the size; only the brand/type. I didn't even bother to call him back. I knew he understood it was for my KLR and I knew he would ship out the correct sizes. Sure, enuf; he did!

    He is also the only part guy I know that sells Flying Pig pewter valve cap covers for your tires. Why? Still can't figure that out....


  127. Fred Rocks!!!

    I agreed on a price including shipment for my skid plate. The price I AGREED TO must have been quoted high on either the shipment or product but when the part arrived - I HAD CHANGE.

    Don't know about anybody else on the list, but I've never met any SALES guy with that kind of integrity.

    I'll be a repeat buyer - as soon as I have mo' money!!


  128. My idea of the perfect dealer would be first someone like Fred and his operation, a person whose sense of humor, honesty and integrity can be realized with never standing face to face with him.

    With this type of operation the pricing is a secondary consideration from my pov, while I don't want to over pay for anything I'd rather pay more for quality and this more than the item but also includes the manner in which I am treated. The strongest thing any business can have are happy satisfied customers, just like Fred's.


  129. Appreciate the fine service, and quick shipping. Once again, you came through.


  130. Go see Cal Worthing... wait no go see Fred @

    He's got them, He's got everything... almost for the KLR and a damn nice guy. Good place to spend money.


  131. Good service from Arrowhead, by the way, as my order was here in just two days!


  132. Contact our list administator (XR650R) Fred Hink at He did an awesome job for me as far as having the parts in stock, getting them to me in a couple days, and being very reasonable on the S&H charges.


  133. I received my shipment from Arrowhead Motorsports in excellent shape. Its a pleasure doing business with you.



  134. Fred is great to deal with and ships really fast. Someone who actually knows your bike and is willing to share that knowledge is worth his weight in gold. Well, maybe not gold. Silver? Copper? Certainly $8 anyway.


  135. Ordered from Arrowhead showed up in three days just in time for holiday weekend - thanks fred....


  136. Thanks Fred,

    My order arrived today and is exactly as we discussed on the phone. I guess we shouldn't have to thank a business for getting something right but so many don't these days. It's a pleasure dealing with you.


  137. I have ordered from Fred at Arrowhead before and was very satisified, just wanted to say thanks again, for the current order.

    I ordered some progressive springs and other accessories this past saturday, they were shipped on monday and received on wednesday.

    Thanks for the excellent service Fred.


  138. This Fred guy everyone here raves so much about...ABSOLUTELY TRUE !!! ordered a front sprocket,magnetic-drain-plug-doohickey-thingie(not to be confused with chain tensioner doohickey)... arrived just as quickly as has been reported by others.

    Thanks FRED ! you WILL be seeing more of my business in the future.


  139. Rumor has it that this "Fred guy" is really just a very elaborate software program that is set up to provide excellent customer service to the motorcyclist. If Microsoft ever revs the operating system that "Fred guy" is running under then all hell will break loose. Incorrect shims and tires and doohickey tools will be shipped willy nilly to all points of the Earth. Beware and enjoy the perfection while you can.


  140. Check this out; Take wheel off and change rear tire. Inspect brake and find worn pads. Call local dealer to see if they have a set of rear pads "for the KLR 650, not the KLX, but, the KLR 650." "Yup, got em right here" they say. Call back before going to double check on pads. "Yup, still got em right here." Drive 15 miles to pick up pads. After the guys stares at the wall and fumbles for a while , steps back to the counter and says "I guess we don't have them, sorry, my bad." Staying cool and calm on the outside, on the inside I proclaim "you stupid Mother f&^%*r! Didn't I make it clear it was for a KLR and not the KLX?" Yes, they had them for the KLX.

    Now that they have wasted my time (and this isn't the first time) to the tune of one hour, and I needed to be on the road in about another hour, I do what I should have done in the first place.

    I call Fred at Arrowhead, order my parts, and receive them sooner than he indicated. The right part, delivered faster than expected, with no hassle. Fred is the benchmark for what dealership service should be. In a nut-shell, Fred knows what he is doing, which is much more than I can say for our local shops.

    Thanks Fred, keep up the good work Bro.


  141. Late Friday night, I ordered parts on line. Saturday morning, Fred sends an e-mail saying parts are on the way. Monday, the parts are here. (Kansas)

    How's he do that?


  142. Its the new Athalon xp2200 processors they just added to the servers that run the Fred program. ;) Ill be ordering some parts myself soon.


  143. Who Be Fred?
    It be Fred of Arrowhead in Moab, Ut. He has really helped out about everyone whom has been on this list awhile. Very knowing on KLR's. Can get parts to you very fast. Priced right and the right part. CAUTION: Don't talk to him too long on the phone or your credit card will suffer with all the things he has for sale that help to improve the ride and performance of your KLR.

    Will get to you his site.


  144. Fred Hink at Arrowhead is where you should be going. He's honest and has always shipped when he said, and at the price he said. C'mon guys, why mess with success. AND he's NOT just a KLR or dual-sport guy, but a motorcycle guy. Try him out.


  145. I've been really happy with Fred @ Arrowhead Motorsports. Good prices, fast delivery, and good advice. I'm placing an order with him this week for sprockets, brakes, etc.


  146. Most of the time you get what you pay for.
    > Fred

    Not true. Think I've always gotten more value from you than I've paid for.


  147. I ordered the IMS shifter from ArrowHead on a Saturday afternoon and it arrived the following Monday afternoon in North Carolina. Once again Arrowhead Motorsports rock's.....


  148. Your selection is much better and I've had stuff shipped all the way across the Continent ( Utah to Labrador) faster than my local guys can ship it across the Province.

    Looking at your catalog price for the Avon Gripster and doing the math for exchange, duty, tax, etc.. I come up with ( approx.) $ 254.83 CDN delivered to me. Last time I could even get a Gripster here in town ( special order ) my local snowmobile dealer wanted $306.40 CDN delivered.

    You win, NAFTA and all!! :-)



  149. Thanks so much for your excellent service Fred, over the years as you know I have always been more than satisfied with your service, products and friendly help. Have a great day and safe riding!!!!!!!!!!


  150. I don't see to many other people that sell motorbike parts online answering our questions like Fred, does.

    Not that I spend that much with Fred myself, but he is a world of KLR knowledge and willing to share it.


  151. Fred has been PERFECTLY reliable in his dealings with me. I have a connection here in town that gives me a discount on factory parts, but I don't think there is ANY way I could get that bolt for $6.00. I also know that Fred has shipped stuff on the weekend for people, too. Hard to find that kind of service these days.


  152. Attacking Fred on this list is about as smart as calling Osama Bin Laden a humanitarian, like a U.S. Senator recently did. At least your as smart as a U.S. Senator. The problem with you and the Senator's logic; both Fred and Osama have a very public track record of accomplishments, and its easily ascertained what their records imply. Of course, in the age of moral relativism in education, discerning the good from the evil may be asking too much of some people.


  153. Much Kudos to FRED!!

    I have NO problem with him making profit from my purchases from Arrowhead. In fact, on a trip last year to moab, I sheared a footpeg on my KTM 380... Who was it that help me adapt a KLR foot peg for use on the KTM...
    Did he charge me for his services... YES!
    Did he make oodles of profit... I HOPE SO!
    Did he help guarrantee a fantastic experience playing on slick rock in Moab... ABSOLUTELY!

    I hope that my business with Fred will help him achieve so much profit that he will one day be so filthy stinking rich such that he can buy Moab for his own amusement park!!


  154. I agree with Tony and all the others who have spoken up about Fred and the EXTRAORDINARY way he does business. This is one of the few people who I have dealt with whether in person or a thousand miles away like Fred is who has always gone out of his way to help me.

    It is my opinion that Fred Hink maybe not the wisest business person (he knows why, Thanks again Fred!) but his is the best business I have EVER dealt with and I recommend him to any one who will listen to me. I do tell them if they are looking to save a dollar or two they can find it cheaper but they will never have the support and the concern this man has for your problems. This is worth a hell of a lot more than a couple of dollars IMO and I'm willing to bet most of the list feels the same way!

    I have called him prepared to purchase items and in conversation with him he convinced me I may be better not spending the money, would RA do that? Hell no! they would take your money and forget about you.

    Fred knows his customers, and cares about them.


  155. My vote goes to Fred, for the most knowledgeable and best service bike shop I've encountered. There are a couple of very good local independent shops around here, but Fred knows exactly what parts go into a KLR and many other DS bikes, and bikes in general, and then he also can offer plenty of tips and tricks for installing, repairing, troubleshooting, and servicing your KLR. So what if it's three states away in Utah. Stuff gets here quicker from his shop than it does when a local shop offers to order it. I don't get that kind of expertise anywhere else. So if he runs for President, I'll vote for him there too. Except it might affect the good service, if he were to win the election.


  156. Fred,
    Thanks, the folks at said you guys are the best on the net for Customer support.

    Best Regards,


  157. Hey Fred,

    My order came today! I just talked to you the other day. wow that was fast and I can get it done this weekend. thanks alot bro! And thanks for the 2 issues of Dual Sport News. As long as I ride ill use Arrowhead.


  158. Thanks for the quick delivery!


  159. Ordered a doohickey from Fred Hink on Friday afternoon, received it in in West Virginia on Monday afternoon. Thanks Fred and USPS!


  160. Fred
    Your customer service is model that many companies should follow.
    THanks again