I purchased a Laser Pro Duro for my 2000 KLR from Fred a few weeks ago. I ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived the following Wednesday. Very quick shipping when you consider it had to be shipped to Alberta, Canada. Previously before purchasing the Laser from Fred I looked at the alternatives from Cobra, Supertrapp, and Big Gun. I narrowed my choices to the Laser and the Big Gun. Eventually I decided on the Laser and couldn't be happier. The Laser does not require repacking and is much more subdued than the Big Gun.

Once the muffler arrived the first thing I noticed was the quality. In a word: excellent. Beautiful welds and presentation and obviously a well-made piece. I followed the tips and instructions on John's site. Installation was a snap. I made sure I had the longer bolt and muffler reducer before I started. Had the old one off and the new one on in an hour. Once I had the bike started I was impressed by the sound. Muted but aggressive at the same time. Certainly beats the old "tweety" sound of the factory muffler. I haven't ridden the bike yet due to all the wonderful Canadian snow, but I certainly notice the difference in throttle response. The bike actually lunges towards redline as opposed to "wheezing" towards it.

In short, I am very pleased. The Laser is certainly expensive, but you get what you pay for. I am confident this muffler will outlast the bike itself. And as you all know, a well maintained KLR can run for a very long time!

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