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Fred uses Stamps.com to print postage from a PC and has sent you a special free $80 offer to try the service.

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  • Address all your mailing and shipping needs right from your PC
  • Stamps.com service supports all USPS mail classes and special services
  • With 24/7 availability, you'll never need to go to the Post Office again!
  • Save up to 20% in postage costs by printing the exact postage every time
  • Save $0.45 - $0.50 off USPS retail rates for delivery and signature confirmation
  • Save up to 80% compared to a traditional postage meter
  • Reduce undelivered mail with Zip+4 address correction
  • Integrated scale saves you time and money with less weighing errors
  • Track costs to the penny and take action to reduce your mailing costs with the expense tracking feature
  • Print postage directly from MS Word when you write a letter
  • Easily import your address book data from MS Outlook, Symantec Act!, Lotus Organizer, Quicken and many more!
  • And remember, you'll never need to go to the Post Office again!

* You are eligible for the 4 Week No-Risk Trial. Simply cancel before the trial period ends and you will not be charged. If you like the service, do nothing and your account continues automatically.

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