I took off work on Thursday June 28 for a 370 mile bike ride. Leaving Moab, Utah in the cool of the morning at around 8am, I headed south to Monticello where I had a mass of bugs to clean off my visor to see where I was going. Then on to Blanding and across highway 95 where the scenery is very beautiful.

I turned south to Halls Crossing and to take the John Atlantic Burr Ferry across Lake Powell. This was my first time there and with the perfect weather it made for a gorgeous ride. It took about a half hour to make it across the lake and to Bullfrog. I found some lunch there amongst all the boaters and water worshipers.

It was starting to get plenty warm on the trek up north and I rode with my jacket off for a while until the bugs started to hurt when they splatted against me.

I stopped at Ray's tavern in Green River for a bite to eat and rest stop. It was good to get out of the heat. By the time I got back into the Moab valley, my air temp gauge was reading 104 degrees. It was a fun ride but good to be back home under the cooler too.

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