SuperBrace Review

by Scott G.

Pic 1 - Nice, clean two piece bolt-on design.

Pic 2 - First, get the fork boots out of the way.

Pic 3 - I installed the brace so that the bottom part of it (that actually clamps to the fork leg) is flush with top of fork leg. As installed, there is 1/2 inch from bottom of brace to top of fork boot well (groove). Pictured is the stock KLR front tire. By the time this is posted, I'll have my new D606 front installed. Will update if there are any issues with the taller knob.

Pic 4 - I didn't loosen the "axle pinch bolt" (whatever that is.. assuming they mean axle nut) as the instructions state to do. What I did do was loosen up the fork clamps then give them a good twist back & forth to be sure that nothing was binding. I fit the brace so all looked true, then removed the brace bolts one at a time & applied locktite to them. (torque to 10ft lbs) - Tuck fork boots into their new home & Boom! Go ride your new KLR.

Front wheel feels planted (heavier) now. Front now actually holds a decent line in sandy turns. Front now actually feels like it's part of the bike...instead of its normal (stock) feel of being some evil outside force plotting to do you in off-road. Did I mention that it handles alot better in sand?

That light/nimble on-road..yet vague/wandering/wallowing feeling off-road of the pre-braced KLR is gone. It's been replaced with a heavier feeling front end, that seems to track well (much better than before) on all surfaces.

The KLR's still not ready for motocross, but for me, the brace made a huge difference in its off-road manners both solo and two-up. I don't know that one brace works any better than another, I've tried just one. So I'll say get a brace, any brace that fits the KLR well...It make you a happier person, and better when in the woods.

Disclaimer: The brace sent to me fit perfectly. I did some homework on fork braces before buying and.. As I understand it from reading posts from various sportbike braced folks, there are sometimes quality problems with brace manufacturers. Though I found zero complaints for the Superbrace on a KLR.

Superbrace offers a 30 day "no quibble" guarantee. I suggest that you fit your brace as soon as you recieve it, in the case that you fall victim to "the one that fell thru the crack". If there's a quality prob, don't try to mod it yourself (voiding warranty) shouldn't have to. Send it back & get one that fits. One thing this brace does not have is adjustability. If it's not machined properly, there's no slop to make it fit. All best

Scott (happily tracking along)
A14 "thunderdog"
Sorrento, Fl

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