The package came on Monday and I ordered it the previous Friday. Great service. Next, the kit was perfect. The installation went like a breeze. I've done sparkplug replacement jobs on enclosed body work sport bikes that took longer than the 'doohickey' installation.

This is why I'm writing though: My KLR 650 has only 1,300 miles on it from new and although the OEM 'doohickey' was still OK, the spring had already broken! How, I don't know. But suffice to say, there was no way I could ever tension my balancer chain because there was no spring to tug on the tensioning lever! The OEM spring broke at the point where the last coil is bent on a 90 degree angle to pass through the lever. The OEM spring also looked very 'blue' to me almost as if it was heat treated incorrectly.

My bike is as quiet as a mouse now (as it was before the parts change). But all these KLRs running around out there that sound like they have a connecting rod knock, all need your kit installed.