KLR650 PD Nerf Install:

1. Install the hwy peg using the 8x80mm bolts. Do not tighten bolts at this point.

2. Bolt upper part of Nerf to hwy peg using the 8x45mm bolts. Do not tighten at this point.

3. The upper left side of the Nerf mounts to the bike using an existing hole through the frame. On the left side this hole is just ahead of the radiator cap. On the right side the hole might be covered up by the Vin sticker. Mount here using the 6x55mm bolt

4. The right upper side of the Nerf shares the same mount as the upper reservoir mount. Mount the Nerf using 6x25mm bolt.

5. Check fit and tighten all bolts.

Hardware List:
2-8x80mm bolts
4-8mm nylock nuts
2-8x45mm bolts
3-1/4 washers
1-6x25mm bolt
1-6x55mm bolt
1-6mm nylock nut