Making Air Filter Maintenance Easier!!

Filterskins are an extremely thin but durable air filter cover.  While allowing maximum airflow, an oiled Filterskin will catch 90% of the dirt that tries to pass through the air filter.  Between races or between rides, simply pulling off a dirty Filterskin and sliding on a clean one can save you time and actually save money on expensive solvents and oils.  Filterskins are extremely elastic and each size will expand over a wide range of air filter sizes.


        Completely saturate all three Filterskins with a suitable air filter oil and squeeze out the excess oil.  Stretch an oiled Filterskin over a clean, oiled air filter and store the other two Filterskins in the resealable, dust-free bag.

        As needed between rides, remove the dirty Filterskin and replace with a clean one.  After the third Filterskin is dirty, clean all three Filterskins and the air filter with solvent, followed by soap and water.


Applications:  Most foam and gauze air filters for off road motorcycles, ATVís, and Karts.