Issue Two
Dec. 2002
I would like to wish each of you the best this Holiday Season.  Thanksgiving has come and gone and now Christmas is soon approaching.  Time to get the things done this winter that I have been putting off all year long.  My building plans are back on track.  I look to start again on having a steel building built on my site this winter.  The county Planning and Zoning Commission has loosened it's grip on the restrictions placed on my previous plans and now it looks like I will be able to build a building that should meet my needs for many years to come.  I am looking forward to the coming year with great excitement.
Not much has changed in my shop these past few months.  I did get some concrete poured in front of my shop recently and this will be much appreciated by the heavy touring bikes as they didn't like to be parked in the dirt very well.  Business has continued to be good even though it has slowed down some with the colder weather.  I have been riding my own bikes a bit (VFR800 & XR650R) and hope to do much more this time of year.  I may be riding to Albuquerque this week to help my friend Gino with his Open House for his new motorcycle business he started a few months ago. 
I am having an Inventory Reduction Sale.  I need to move some of the stuff here that has been collecting dust and taking up valuable space.  You can see what I have on Sale at:  Everything listed is 20% - 50% off.  This is my first in store sale and I hope you find something there that you need.  I also have another listing of closeout items that can be seen at:
I have just received a shipment of three rail motorcycle trailers made by Yacht Club.  These are some of the finest motorcycle trailers on the market and at $895 they are a steal!  I will soon have some pictures of them at:

Have you ever seen a Trials Event?  Those riders are just amazing.  If you would like to practice your "moves", check out this site...   JAVA TRIALS   While we are playing around here are a couple more sites you can check out.

Click HERE Click HERE

There has been some discussion on some of my lists lately about the master link on our chains.  Some people have not had good luck with clip type connector links but I have never lost one in all the years (35+) I have been owning and operating motorcycles.  My best advice is to be sure the connector link is installed properly and that it is not rubbing on anything as it goes around. 
To install a clip type connector link so that it stays on, you have to first lube the inside of the rollers and the pins with a good quality grease.  Good quality connector links usually include the grease with this link.  Use the same brand and type of connector link as your chain.  Install two o-rings or x-rings on the pins, lube it good and install in the chain while it is on the bike.  Install the other two seals and start the side plate.   Modern chains now use a press to fit side plate and takes special care to install this correctly.  Using a chain press tool like the one from Motion Pro makes this job easy and fool-proof.
There are rivet type connector links but these too require a special too and can be pretty expensive.  The key to keeping a clip-type masterlink on is once you have your clip on, slide out the side plate so that is in contact with the clip.  This keeps the clip tight and helps it stay where it is supposed to be.  Also check to see that there is nothing else that could make contact with this clip and cause it to wear off.  There is a good site on how to install a chain and connector link at:

I just purchased a card reader for my digital camera and I hope to be able to add some pictures to my newsletters soon.  If you have any requests for photos you would like to see, please let me know.

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Until next time,  I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!
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