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Issue Three
Feb. 2003
Hello Arrowhead Newsletter Subscribers,
Big news at Arrowhead!  We finally got our new building delivered last Thursday.  You can see the latest developments at:
Be sure and click on the Latest Photos link.  The concrete guys are delayed in getting the floor poured but they plan on starting in a couple of weeks.  Still trying to find a contractor to erect this steel structure.  We may have to do it ourselves.  Just what I need on top of the usual busy spring rush.
Winter has returned to Moab.  It was in the 60s just the other day and now it is snowing.  Great springtime weather in Utah.  Say you don't like the weather here?  just wait a few minutes....

It was a tragic day for the NASA space team.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the brave astronauts who lost their lives this week.

Fun Stuff
b3ta challenge

Color Vision Deficiency Test
Don't forget our Clearance $ale and Inventory Reduction $ale going on now at Arrowhead Motorsports.
Until next time, TAKE CARE!!