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Fred Hink
Owner of
Arrowhead Motorsports
2970 Desert Rd.
Moab, Utah 84532
phone: (435)259-7356
Life really does begin at 40. After living all my life in Kansas, I made the move to begin my real life here in Gods country, Moab, Utah. I first came to Moab in 1980 and fell in love with this red rock land. I call Canyon Country "Motorcycle Heaven". There are so many trails and places to explore that I will be cold in my grave before I get all my riding done.

I have been involved with motorcycles since I was 13. My first bike was a new Honda CB160. I remember trading my old Schwinn 3speed bicycle for the motorized beast. This bike took me everywhere. My fondest memories were of riding in the Arkansas River south of Wichita to where I lived in Mulvane. My most favorite teacher in Junior High and High School was my band and vocal instructor Ted Powers. Mr. Powers has moved on to bigger and better things.

I moved in 1973 to Dodge City, Ks. to help my father with our farm . A friend of mine told me about this wonderful place in Utah that he found called Moab. He wanted me to take a raft trip with him there on the mighty Colorado River. Being a "flatlander" all my life I thought what the heck and went. Being on the river in the "wilderness" was a great adventure for me. I moved to Moab in 1990 after leaving the family farm in Dodge City to good hands. Not having a job and moving to a strange place with no friends to speak of makes your juices start to flow. After getting used to my new life and riding the wheels off of my old XL350 Honda, I decided I better find some means of employment. I worked part time for other folk for a while and decided that I was really meant to be self employed. Since my first love and job was working on motorcycles back in '68, I felt like I could make a go at starting a motorcycle business. Arrowhead Motorsports was formed in the fall of '95 and I have lived the good life ever since.

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