If one purchases a Laser Pro Duro exhaust system one will NOT gain 15 hp. Your KLR will NOT cruise all day at 110 mph and get 60 miles to the gallon. You will NOT pull wheelies in fourth gear and the Ninja's will still pass you like you are standing still!

So why spend $364.00 on a replacement exhaust? You WILL get a well made, attractive and lighter unit. The muffler is made from stainless steel. NO rust! There is no need to repack it every 1500 miles. ( I cannot fathom why any recreation rider would purchase a muffler that needs service every month or so!) There are no baffles to come loose etc.

It is relatively easy to install (thanks for the use of your shop Fred!..try buying and then using the dealers tools / facilities to install an accessory at your local "motorcycle supermarket") The clamp that attaches the muffler to the header was a little large so I required a little shim stock (cut strips from a Pepsi can) to get a snug fit, otherwise replacement was a twenty minute job.

The muffler is definitely lighter than the original, the motor seems to rev more freely and ....Hey! it sounds damn neat!

Let's be honest .. most of us enjoy a little bark to our cycle sound ..and the Laser Pro emits a really nice sound. Not enough to be obnoxious but so much more preferable to the pathetic pooof, pooof of the original..and certainly no tweety!

Sure dollar for dollar you can probably benefit more from beefing up the suspension but if you are in the market for an new exhaust you will not be disappointed with the Pro Duro. Oh did I mention that the stainless metal turns to an attractive golden hue with usage?



A-7 with about 45,000 km's and yes I have replaced the doohickey and yes it was broken when I checked.