La Sal Mountain Loop

Moab, Utah

100 miles of easy to moderate mountain roads, a short (100 yds) difficult section (at mile 19.2) of loose talus rock that you may want to walk your bike across and about 20 miles of highway.

You will gain about 6000 feet in elevation so dress accordingly. It will usually be 10 to 20 degrees cooler than in Moab up on the Lasals. Take lots of water.

Check with Fred about snow conditions at the higher elevations prior to the ride. Snow is usually gone by time of the CMC

Use map "Moab East" for this ride. Available at Fred's shop in Moab.

The Route

Starting at Arrowhead Motorsports in Moab, Utah go one block north and one block east to Spanish Valley Drive.

Turn right on Spanish Valley Dr. and go south 9.2 miles to the Pack Creek turnoff.

Turn right on the Pack Creek road and stay on the main road unless told to turn off.

At mile 19.2 is the talus rock that you need to be careful of. There are great views of the Moab Valley all the way to this point before you enter the forest.

At mile 19.9 you need to turn left and stay left again in 1/10 more mile.

At mile 21.7 you are at Lasal Pass and the view of Mt. Peale. A nice fishing pond is at mile 22.0 Medicine Lake.

At mile 28.9 turn left on County Rd. 154

At mile 31.6 turn left at the intersection of County Rd.154 and Rd. 129

At mile 35.5 stay right at the stock corrals. Dark Canyon Lake is at mile 38.8

Stay left at mile 43.2. You will be at Geyser Pass at mile 44.4. There is a small road that turns right there that will take you to the forest boundary again and to some private land. It is OK to pass through this land but be sure to stay on the roads.

There is a small ski hut at mile 45.7 as you cross on to the private land. You will pass through some land that was logged last year and may have some truck traffic so watch out for the logging trucks.

Turn left at mile 49.7

At mile 54.0 stay left. Turn left on the Gateway Rd. at mile 59.5

At mile 64.3 turn right on the Polar Mesa Rd.

At mile 68.6 turn left on to the Kokopelli Trail sign road marked #605

At mile 79.7 turn right at the Taylor Ranch Rd. This will take you through Onion Creek. You will see
some very interesting rock formations and Fisher Valley.

Take a left at mile 90.2 on highway 128. It is about 20 miles down the “River Rd.” to highway 191 and then left to
Moab again.

Trip Sheet




 0.0 Arrowhead Motorsports  38’31.668N  109’29.895W
 9.2 Turn Right on Pack Creek
Ranch Rd
 38’26.813N  109’23.103W
 19.2 Tallus Rock (be careful)  38’25.868N  109’16.504W
 19.9 Turn Left  38’25.662N  109’16.644W
 21.7 Lasal Pass  38’25.110N  109’15.061W
 22.0 Medicine Lake  None None
 28.9 Turn Left on County Rd. 154  38’21.812N  109’11.155W
 31.6 Turn Left on Rd.129  38’23.423N  109’09.752W
 35.5 Stay Right  38’25.719N  109’11.309W
 38.8 Dark Canyon Lake 38’27.180N   109’11.911W
 43.2 Stay Left  38’28.522N  109’13.375W
 44.4 Geyser Pass
Turn Right Forest Rd
 38’29.048N  109’13.925W
 45.7 Ski Hut  38’29.326N  109’12.097W
 49.7 Turn Left  38’28.921N  109’09.063W
 54.0 Stay Left  38’31.240N  109’06.696W
 59.5 Turn Left on Gateway Rd  38’34.625N  109’09.230W
 64.3 Turn Right on Polar Mesa Rd.  38’36.687N  109’11.716W
 68.6 Turn Left on Kokopelli
Trail 605 Rd.
 38’38.675N  109’09.039W
79.7 Turn Right on Taylor Ranch Rd.  38’40.632N  109’12.718W
 90.2 Turn Left on Highway 128  38’43.451N  109’21.339W
 110.3 Turn Left on Highway 191  38’36.110N  109’34.586W