I've had the Laser Sport since June of 02, and have put 7000 miles on it with no sign of wear or increase in tone. The Laser is truly a maintenance free unit. Extremely high European quality, it is indestructible because it is welded all the way around with no parts to vibrate loose or wear. It can clearly take all the 650 has to dish out, and that is no small statement. I've seen what that motor can do to lesser units.

Last year I attended the Canyonlands Motor Classic in Moab, UT. This was my third trip to Moab with the KLR. My first stop is always to see Fred at Arrowhead Motorsports. Fred does a great job servicing my KLR, and I had planned on a new set of MT21 tires and other goodies that Fred stocks. When I arrived, Fred showed me the new Laser Pro Duro. He had both the quite core version, and the race core version.

Fred knew exactly how to sell me on it. He held the race core muffler up to my eye so that I could see right through it. The race core is a straight through muffler in pure stainless steel. I was sold.

Iíve used the Supertrap IDS, and Cobra ISDE mufflers on my KLR. The Supertrap is light, but does not provide much additional power. The Cobra is light, and provides great power due to its reverse cone collector pipe. The Cobra is also a straight through design where as the Supertrap has offset innards that break up the exhaust flow (I believe this is the case with the Laser quite core). Neither the Supertrap or Cobra will last more than 5000 hard miles. Once you try to repack either muffler, it will never be the same. I understand that the Big Gun also suffers from repacking.

The Laser is a lifetime replacement. There is no repacking. It is very much like an automotive muffler. Since itís made of stainless steel, itís not as light as the others, but still lighter than the stock muffler.

The Laser has an intermediate elbow pipe that mates the head pipe to the muffler. This beefy piece contains a miniature muffler inside of it. It has the expansion cone similar to the Cobra, but not as big. With some patients and effort, you can get the elbow to clear the widest tires. This part of fitting the muffler takes the longest. The muffler mounts to the frame using one high quality included hanger. You do not need another graphite gasket at the headpipe (like the stock exhaust), the Laser slips right on.

I have my KLR tuned for maximum power: I use the Dynojet needle, 150 main jet and a larger idle jet. K&N air filter with the cover off, and air box drilled, screen removed, mixture screw out 3.5 revs. This setup with the Laser race core provides great power in low, middle, and top end (easy torque wheelies, 110mph indicated, 97mph GPS, loaded + me @240lbs) I average 45mpg with this setup.

The race core is loud, but not as loud as the Cobra or Big Gun (especially when the packing is blown out) I ride mostly on the streets of Chicagoís suburbs where many Harleys set the standard for loud. I put put out of my neighborhood and it doesnít bother anyone. Blast out onto the open road, and itís loud enough to keep you seen most of the time. You know how intimidated people are by the size of the KLR, the rich rumble now matches the tall stance.

The unit looks great and performs great. It has a spark arrestor, but is not US Forestry Service approved. I highly recommend the race core model if you want the extra power with the durability that the stock muffler provides.

Kenny Belfatto