I swear by the Laser Pro Duro. (race version) It's all welded, stainless steel, killer looking, and sounds great. Downside is that it does not have a USFS approved spark arrester. But at least it does not fall apart like every other pipe that I have read about, on bikes that get ridden alot, and hard.

I do not think that my race version Laser Pro Duro is too loud for the street. In my opinion, it is a very unique pipe. The sound is really throaty and growling sounding. I really like it.

You can sneak around at night, being easy on the throttle, but the more you open the throttle, the more that sucker growls.

I have heard that the Big Guns, are the loudest. I worked on a guys KLR yesterday, that had the Quiet Series Big Gun on it, that had about 10,000 miles on it I think, and the stuffing was blowing out of it, so it was louder than when new. My Laser was slightly louder, but the sound was better to me.

Call me, and I'll hold the phone up to the pipe and let you hear it.

(707) 887-9516