K-9 Fork Brace Instructions

1. Place your motorcycle on its center stand or appropriate support stand. Slide up fork boot (if applicable) from fork leg.

2. Remove the two outer caps (6mm x 16mm bolts), and slightly loosen the inner bridge mounting bolts (6mm x 50mm bolts).

3. Position the Fork Brace assembly, so it is level side to side. Then fasten the outer caps on each side making sure it is resting all the way down on the fork tubes. The spacers provides MUST be used for adequate tire clearance.

4. Now check bridge if it is free of tension. Move your front forks through the suspension travel.

5. Tighten the inner bridge bolts securely, and then collapse the forks completely to check for interference with any accessories or fender. Make sure you have nothing causing your suspension to bind. Slip your fork boots over the Fork Brace. Installation is now complete. Double check all nuts and bolts for tightness. Recheck all nuts and bolts after a short test ride. Periodically check bolts as part of your pre-ride inspection.

WARNING: Ride stability and handling will be greatly improved with Fork Brace, provided your motorcycle complies with the manufactures specifications. BE SURE that the front tire is properly inflated and balanced, and not out-of-round. Check to see that front and rear suspension air pressure and oil levels are correct. Failure to comply with any or all set standards may adversely affect the handling of your motorcycle.

Ride safe!