First off, Fred gets this stuff to you *quickly*. He shipped it Saturday, I had it Monday.

I went into this armed with info from this group on the various exhausts. I knew I wanted something that gave me more performance, and one I didn't have to repack. So to me the obvious choice was the Laser.

I went with the install advice from John's page gathered up the materials he recommended and set to it.

The installation is very straight forward and I used the extra parts John suggested, they came in handy. After a painless install I fired the A15 up and liked the sound. Better than the stock, could be a little throatier for my tastes, but definitely a deeper tone.

The test ride revealed quicker throttle response, and you can tell the engine is breathing easier. The sound you get from this exhaust up around 5~6K rpm is very satisfying. I got no backfires going quickly to full throttle... 6K rpm's... and immediately going to no throttle - in all gears.

The wind in the Bay area here is too constant to give an accurate rpm/mph ratio difference, but I am no longer toeing up for another gear and wishing it had 6 instead of 5.

I installed the K&N filter and jet kit last weekend and everything seems to be working fine with this exhaust. The only initial observation about what would be better - it would have been nice to have a heat shield where the stock one had it to protect a passengers leg getting on and off the bike. But then again, I'm not the passenger...

So - overall, I'd say this gets two thumbs up.