Curyakin HiperCharger

The Pro Series HiperCharger was designed for massive air-hungry V-Twin mills that like lots of RPMs. If your motor needs air, here's the place to start. The inlet is cavernous. The filter area has been increased by a full 50%. Internal shapes have been tweaked to allow increased flow and velocity. The "Pro" has a look all its own. All edges are radiused for a more streamlined appearance, and a completely new cover with speed lines completes this picture of performance. The Pro Series Hiper will work on smaller stock engines also, but will perform about the same as the standard HiperCharger. These kits contain an all chrome HiperCharger, and mounting kit for a complete, sanitary installation. Optional Nitros Oxide injection system. Expect horsepower increase from 33% to over 100%. Turbo Charger compatible.

Dyno Run

Suggested Retail: $279.95
Group Purchase Price:
$99.93   If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. - APRIL FOOLS!
No more calls please!
The Hipercharger is
an April Fool's Joke.