Well, they are finally here and available through Fred at Arrowhead Motorsports! Mine showed up yesterday and was on the bike and running 90 minutes later. These pipes are every bit as good and well built as anything you've probably already heard. The fit was perfect and very straight forward. Fred has a link on his page under "New Products" that will take you to a site about the Pro Duro and it's installation. The report and advise are Spot-On. As advised, the only additional things needed are a muffler bushing size 1 7/8 OD X 1 3/4 ID and a longer mounting bolt at 8mm X 40mm. You could actually use a shorter bolt like a 35mm length, but a 40mm allows you to double-nut the muffler clamp with no worry about tire clearance. The bushing allows you to get a much better clamp-bite on the intermediate pipe where it joins the stock exhaust system. After being disappointed in the SuperTrapp, the Pro Duro was better than expected. The Trapp was VERY loud to me, fit poorly, and the overall workmanship was quite poor. The Pro Duro is only a hair louder than Stock with a little deeper tone and built like a tank! It is very obvious that Laser is proud of what they build, the workmanship shows it. Today I tested the new system out on a 150 mile run. Overall the engine seems smoother and less strained. The engine definitely breathes easier. The throttle response is also snappier. I have not checked yet, but I expect the mileage will also increase a tad. I am running Stock jets and have not experienced any lean surge or backfiring. Save your $$$$ folks, the Laser is the only way to go!