Blue Sky Farms


Dodge City, Kansas

Under overcast and dreary weather, the clouds were weeping as our family farms' inventory of machinery, household goods and antiques were sold at auction. It took over 140 years to accumulate four generations of things to make a farm operate and only a few hours to see them drive down the driveway for the last time. It was a sad day for me but the day had to come as there is no one left in our family that wants to put the effort into making this farm continue. Farming is a hard life with lots of work and sometimes not much pay for your efforts. Since I put almost 20 years into making this farm survive, I know firsthand the work involved. I feel lucky to have survived some tough times of the 70s and 80s where many other farms had to fold under from financial pressure. There is still a very fine herd of angus cows and calves on the farm that will most likely be sold next year. The land is going to be farmed next year by a new tenant who I am sure will do a fine job and I wish him luck.

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