Received my pipe and jet kit Saturday morning 11am, already had the bike apart and waiting. The pipe and kit was pretty straight forward and I was all buttoned up and riding by 2pm. ( the web sites pertaining to installation was great, I've been out of bikes for about 15yrs) The KLR is new and just turned 1k miles , even tho the break in occured during winter months it was obivous how lean and hot the motor ran. It now runs much cooler has a noticable power increase along with a freer rev and more efficient throttle response. I ended up with stage 2 ,140 main jet, K&N needle in 4th position, mixture screw at 2.5 turns and air box in stock condition. It's a mod that I feel will require no maintenance and possibly add to the durability of the bike. As for the quality of the parts the pipe is beautifully manufactured and fits the application fine, I didn't have to buy anything extra to complete the installation.