Very happy with the Laser. Installation was easy and as advised the only additional things needed are a muffler bushing size 1 7/8 OD X 1 3/4 ID and a longer mounting bolt at 8mm X 40mm. I wiped it down with alcohol before the first start up per instuctions to remove any oil from your fingers that might have been left on the muffler. The first time I started it up I was a little disappointed, I guess I wanted to hear more noise. The next day I went for a 200 mile ride.

After spending a day on the road, it's a sound that won't get on your nerves. As described by others, a deeper tone and a hair louder than stock. Riding thru some canyons and over bridges the sound really grows on you.

It looks like high quality, and I will probably transfer it to my next KLR after I wear this one out. Seems to have a performance benefit and I seem to be more of a throttle jockey now. It starts to change to a golden color after a few hours.

Happy customer.

Brad G.