Called Fred Tues. and today I got my Laser Duro, installed in no time, heck if your cat had thumbs he could do it. And probably better than myself, though if you want to have a custom melted curve to the rear fender to match the bend of the can I can show you where to put the spacer. This was the 3rd time together to get everything perfect when I spaced out, but with a little scraping and trimming it looks great and it'll never touch the fender again.

It sounds great, not so loud, defintely deeper, finish on all the parts is outstanding, this is well worth the money, you even get 4, count 'em 4 stickers (but no t-shirt). It also allows much better access to inside the swingarm/shock area now that the tractor muffler is gone. The install tips Fred has at his site are great made an easy job even better.

I have a dynojet stage 1 installed and a can't find a backfire, stutter, lean spot yet, though only about 20 miles on it. Kind of wet and cold to do much more.