Well I ordered everything from Fred a couple of weeks a go. I bought the wrench for the rotor, the rotor puller, new bolt, doohickey and spring, and yes, new gaskets. Just in case. But then I had them so I used the new ones.

I did not have any real problem. I used both Mark's and Devon's instructions. Took about 3 hours, but that included changing oil, warming bike first and knocking the soot out of the muffler.

Doohickey made by Eagle Mfg. and sold by Fred fit perfectly and was very well made. It was even already beveled on the top to clear the starter gear spokes. My old doohickey looked fine, so did the spring. But, I only have 2200 miles on it. The new Doohickey did quiet the noise from the balancer chain.

Over all I would do it again. Infact a friend is going to order everything so I guess I will get to do it again.

Ride Hard Ride Safely