KawaSAKI KLR 650 complete waterproof ATO / ATC (Blade) Fuse KIt

**more reliable than the stock glass fuses**

Will work on ALL years of the KLR 650 and replaces ALL the stock fuses!

Plug and PLay install!

(Click on image for a larger picture)

Ever have your fuse blow at the wrong place and/or at the wrong time?

Hate having to pull off panels to check and/or replace fuses?

When a glass fuse gets hot and you add the vibrations from the KLR you get fuse failure and that could leave you STRANDED!

With this kit you will not have the hassles listed above and have EASY access to all your fuses with NO tools.

This replaces ALL the stock fuses in the KLR (3 total).

With this kit and a little bit of your time you will be able to add reliability and make fuse replacement a MUCH easier task.

All fuses are sealed in waterproof covers and are mounted in easy to access locations with
NO panel removal.

Easy to follow instructions are included along with a list of the tools you will need.
ANYONE with little or no experience will have NO problem installing this kit.

Each kit is tested before it is shipped and guaranteed to work!

These have been submerged in water for a week with out the fuse's getting wet!

This will work on ALL years of the KLR 650!


ALL items have been tested before shipping and are guaranteed to work!