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The beginning of the ministery

"They tried to destroy me... wishing I would just go away. But what is it, what have they realy done? the simple minds of mortal men. They sent me back to the place that is my origin. Destory me? The more they try, the more powerful I become. Now i've risen from my unearthjy grave, and I will slay the ones I onced save. The reckoning is apon us- the day that the Ministry of Darkness seizes the land and destroys all that you hold dear, making play things of your heroes and devouring your innocence. The plague of darkness is coming.. an all-encompassing evil from which there is no escape,no mercy, no hope.It's called the future..and in the future I will look down upon thee, and I will decide wether you are a agent of darkness or just kidling my fires. The power of darkness shall only be offered to a chosen few, and those who resit the temptations of my ministry...pain becomes synonymous with punishment. Embrace the darkness, and relish in the unearthly delight pain has to offer.Resist it and there atre no limits to the pain you subject yourself to. Don't fight will tear your soul apart.For i am the reaper of men, the changer of souls, the weaver of nightmares, the hounds of HELL...and I am the heart of darkness. I am now and ever will be the purity of evil. It is reality and your in the middle of it all" After the words of the Undertaker coming back there has always been a chill in the air. No one knows why he has done the things he has done so far, AND I DO MEAN NO ONE. The undertaker is in the most deepest, scariest place's of HELL that noj one can denie. The power is there and one by one the ministery grows. Now the ministery has grown so large it has the owner in its ranks. Now know as the coproate ministry, Undertaker has claimed his 3 world title.How and when are the hounds of HELL are going to break lose of the chains?we must find out as we draw near ARMEGGDON!!