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Owen Hart's Career The beginning Owen is the youngest child of legendary Stu and Helen Hart. Owen was trained by his father in the Dungeon. In 1986 Owen was ready to join Stampede Wrestling, owned by his father, but at that time it was already going downhill. Owen though, used the time that was left to hone his skills and become one of the most promising rookies the sport has ever seen. Owen had many great matches in Stampede and had a great feud with Mike Shaw (Bastian Booger). Owen showed on several occasions, that he was championship material, and together with Ben Bassarab, he became International Tag Team champion. Owen also showed his skills in singles competition by winning the British Commonwealth Mid Heavyweight title once. Owen then went after the North American Heavyweight title, which he came close to winning in a tournament final, where he lost to Makhan Singh, Owen though came back an won the title twice, the last time holding it for 13 months. In 1988 on a tour with New Japan, Owen's skills finally paid off. Owen became the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion by defeating Hiroshi Hase, May 27, in Sendai. Owen was the first westerner to hold the title. Owen title regain lasted until, June 24 1988, when he lost the title to Shiro Koshinaka, in Osaka. Owen returned to the States, where the WWF showed interest in him. Owen, beneath hood and cape, became the Blue Blazer - a lightweight high flyer versus the heavyweights of the WWF. Owen's skills was mostly used to put the other guys over, at WrestleMania V, he jobbed to Mr. Perfect, shortly after Owen left the WWF. Never once during his first stint in WWF was it mentioned, that Owen was Bret Hart's brother. Owen spent the next two years on the road, showing his skills in Mexico, Canada, Japan, Europe, and he had a very short stint in the WCW. In Mexico Owen lost the mask of the Blue Blazer to El Canek. WWF Owen returned to the WWF, where he joined his brother-in-law, Jim Neidhart, in the New Foundation. The team didn't last long because they never got a clean break, everybody was comparing them to the original Hart Foundation, which they couldn't live up to. Neidhart left the WWF, but Owen wasn't finished with tag team wrestling yet. Owen and Koko B. Ware formed High Energy. They didn't have much success though. Owen got a knee injury at the end of 1992, and when he returned, Koko was gone. The Rocket Owen Hart was born. Via the working agreement with the USWA, Owen went to Memphis, where he defeated Papa Shango for the Unified World Heavyweight Title, only to drop it to Jerry Lawler after two weeks. After the taste of gold Owen was ready to make his mark in the WWF. But it didn't happen. Owen was still on the bottom of the ladder, while Bret was on top, he had just won the 1993 edition of the King of the Ring. Problems in the Hart family At the Survivor Series 1993, where a united Hart family fought Shawn Michaels and his knights, Owen was whipped into Bret, who stood on the apron, causing Bret to hit the railing and Owen to get eliminated. The Hart family won the match, but Owen wasn't satisfied with the result, he blamed Bret for his elimination, Owen then developed an obsession, he wanted to be regarded as his brother Bret's equal, Owen would not be in the shadow of the Hitman. Owen was furious at Bret, so he wanted a match against him, so he could step out of Bret's shadow, but Bret wouldn't give it to him. Owen and Bret talked the things through at the end of 1993, and they agreed to form a tag team. Owen and Bret got a shot at the tag team champions, the Quebecers, at the Royal Rumble 1994. The brothers lost the match, when the referee ended the match, because of Bret's injured knee. Owen totally lost it, he kicked Bret on his knee after the match, and blamed Bret for the loss. Owen also said, that it was Bret, who told him to wrestle under hood and cap, so Owen wouldn't take the limelight from Bret. At WrestleMania X, Owen and Bret had a classic match, which went back and forth. Owen was victorious, but at the same event, Bret became WWF Heavyweight Champion for the 2. time, which made Owen even more jealous. Owen wanted another shot at Bret, but to get that, he had to win the King of the Ring tournament. Owen qualified to the King of the Ring by beating Adam Bomb. In the first round of the tournament, Owen and Tatanka went at it, with Owen coming out on top. In the semifinal round waited the 1-2-3 Kid. Owen defeated him easily with the sharpshooter. It was time for the final round. Jim Neidhart had secured that Bret was still the champ, by attacking Diesel, who got the DQ victory. Owen and Razor Ramon was the two finalists, it was an even match until Anvil attacked Razor, which made Owen the 1994 King of the Ring. After the victory Owen proclaimed himself the King of Harts. With the victory at the King of the Ring, Owen showed that he was a force to be reckoned with, Owen also got what he really wanted, a match against his brother for the WWF title at Summer Slam 94. The match was a cage match, with Neidhart and the British Bulldog in the public. The match went back and forth, both wrestlers slugged it out up the cage, over the top and on the way down, when suddenly Bret slammed Owen's head against the cage. Owen got his ankles caught between the bars, Bret jumped, landing feet-first at ringside. The British Bulldog cheered, when suddenly Neidhart attacked him. Owen and Neidhart dragged Bret back into the cage and started beating on him. Bulldog got to Bret's rescue. This event was reason for some great tag team matches between Bret/Bulldog and Owen/Neidhart. Owen and Bret also had a Lumberjack match, where Neidhart was one of the lumberjacks, during the match he sneaked up on Bret and knocked him down, Owen then quickly pinned Bret, and thought that he had won the World Title, but a second referee made his way down and the decision was overturned. Owen and his tag team partners The family war died out when Neidhart left the federation in the start of 1995. Owen then aligned himself with Jim Cornette, Owen the challenged the WWF tag team champions, The Smoking Gunns, at WrestleMania XI, where he would reveal his mystery partner. The mystery partner was none other than the mighty Yokozuna. Owen and Yokozuna defeated the Gunns with relatively ease, and became WWF tag team champions. Owen had won his first title in the WWF. Owen and Yoko held on to the titles for almost a half year, before dropping them to the Smoking Gunns, actually Owen and Yoko lost the titles to Diesel and Shawn Michaels at In Your House III, but since the Bulldog replaced Owen, and it was Owen who got pinned, the titles was handed back. After the defeat both Yoko and Owen wanted to use more time on their singles career, which split the team. The rest of 1995 and until the summer of 1996, Owen was jobbed to almost every WWF superstar. Owen did have some success though, on an installment of Monday Night Raw, in a match against Shawn Michaels, Owen hit Michaels with a kick to the back of the head, which made the lights go out for Michaels, who laid flat on his back. At the Slammy Awards 1996, Owen won a Slammy for the incident, after the event he billed himself the Slammy Award Winning Owen Hart. During the summer of 1996 The British Bulldog, who had joined Camp Cornette in the end of 1995, and Owen decided to use their combined forces to win the WWF tag team titles from the Smoking Gunns. The title changed happened at In Your House X, where a manager change also happened. Clarence Mason became the new manager for the new champions, when he got a groggy Jim Cornette to sign the papers. With a new manager and the titles on their waist, you should think everything was good. But it wasn't, Bulldog got more and more popular among the fans, while Owen got more unpopular, it seemed like a team split was unavoidable. At the Royal Rumble 97, Owen "accidentally" eliminated the British Bulldog from the battle royal. But it got worse, Bulldog fired Clarence Mason when he lost a match to Crush, also managed by Mason. Owen tried to convince Bulldog that it was wrong, but he couldn't. In February of 1997, the first ever WWF European Champion should be crowned via a tournament in Germany. The final saw the tag team partners Owen and Bulldog go at it. It was a tough match, but in the end it was Bulldog, who stood triumphant with the new belt. After the match Owen launched a post-match tirade about Bulldog's lack of respect for him. Owen has been in another tournament final in 1997, it was in Kuwait, where he lost to Tiger Ali Singh. At the Slammy Awards 1997, Owen "won" another Slammy. The tag team champions continued to fight of all comers, but you could feel the tension between them. At Raw is War after WrestleMania 13, Owen and Bulldog had to fight the Headbangers for the titles. Bulldog and Owen got in a fight at the end of the match, Owen said that he demanded a shot at the Bulldog's European title at the following Raw is War, Bulldog gladly accepted. The Hart Foundation The following Raw is War it was time for the match for the European title between Owen and Bulldog. It was a brutal match, where Bulldog was going to use a chair on Owen, when Bret entered the ring. Bret got the two combatants separated, he then told them, that the WWF and the American wrestling fans were doing everything in their power to destroy them. Bret also told Owen and Bulldog that he needed and loved them, and that he wanted them to join forces with him against Steve Austin, WWF and the American wrestling fans. They accepted, the Hart Foundation was founded. The following weeks Owen and Bulldog watched out for Bret, by attacking Austin and Michaels. Pillman and Neidhart also joined the Hart Foundation. 2 weeks after joining the Hart Foundation, Owen won the Intercontinental Title, cleanly, from Rocky Maivia at Raw is War. Owen had finally won a singles title, which he has deserved. Owen and Bulldog's constant attacks on Austin and Michaels lead to a challenge from the Tag Team Champions. On an installment of Raw is War Austin and Michaels won the titles from Owen and Bulldog, who had held on to the titles for 8 months. With only the Intercontinental Title at his waist, Owen will go back to singles wrestling, a place where he fits much better. Owen proved that he is one of the best, by beating Goldust and Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a Three Way Dance on Raw is War. The feud with Steve Austin During the five man tag team match at Canadian Stampede, where the Hart Foundation went up against Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust, and LOD, Austin smashed Owen's leg against the ring post. Owen was then lead back to the locker room, but later returned and scored the pin on Austin, which Owen was very proud of and started bragging about it, this lead to a feud with Austin. At Summer Slam Owen had to defend his Intercontinental Title against Steve Austin. As expected Owen lost the title to Austin, but injured Austin in the match. Since the match, Owen has been very proud of himself, because he injured Austin, this has lead to Austin attacking Owen at every opportunity. Owen and Bulldog came close to winning the Tag Team Title once again, but a stunner from Austin stopped this dream. Owen then got a restraining order on Austin, but this hasn't stopped Austin, who continues to attack Owen. In my opinion it looks like Owen will win the Intercontinental Title only to loose it to Austin, when he returns. Owen did win the IC Title at Badd Blood, with the help of Austin, who smacked Faarooq in the head with the Title. Just so Austin could face Owen at Survivor Series. As expected Owen lost the IC Title to Steve Austin at the Survivor Series in a very short match, both were set back with injuries, Owen had suffered a concussion from a match with Ahmed Johnson. Hopefully Owen will get some shots at the World Title now, since Bret is leaving the WWF. Owen wasn't happy with the way the Survivor Series ended for his brother, so he decided to not work for the WWF, until they had settled their differences. Owen the lunatic? At Degeneration X Owen returned to the WWF with a vengeance, attacking Shawn Michaels, have Vince McMahon promised Owen the WWF Title and a healthy pay raise to return, I think so. Owen's new look and attitude have made the fans pop for him, maybe he will surpass the legend of his brother, he certainly got the skills to do it. Owen have had so great run-ins, when he wanted to go after Degeneration X. Instead of going after Shawn Michaels, Owen has chosen to go after Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who is the European Champion. Personally I think it destroys Owen's comeback since I wanted to see Owen go after Shawn, but it looks like we will have to wait for it. At the Royal Rumble, Owen never made it to the ring, when he was attacked by Jeff Jarrett and Jim Cornette. But when Jeff Jarrett entered the ring, Owen attacked and threw him out of the ring, Hunter Hearst Helmsley destroyed Owen's chances, when HHH used his crutch to hammer Owen on the back, and Chyna heaved him out of the ring. At Raw is War, January 26, Owen was set to face Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the WWF European Title, but the Degeneration X thought that they could trick the WWF so they sent The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust, disguised as HHH, to face Owen. Owen disposed TAFKA Goldust rather quickly, when commissioner Slaughter came out and said that since the match was sanctioned for the WWF European Title and Owen had won the match, he was awarded the title. At WrestleMania 14, Owen will go up against the real HHH, who will pay for his actions. Owen suffered a severe tear in his right ankle ligament in a match against Barry Windham, but he should be ready for WrestleMania. Owen lost the WWF European Title to Hunter Hearst Helmsley on March 17th, 1998. Hunter challenged Owen, who still is injured, and shoved him out of his chair. Chyna used a baseball bat on Owen's injured leg, and after that Hunter put an ankle lock on Owen, and was declared the winner and WWF European Champion. Owen wasn't fit for fight at WresteMania, but still he delivered a solid match, but he wasn't able to get the win due to interference form Chyna, who dealt Owen a low blow, which secured Hunter the win. Obviously Owen and Hunter aren't through with each other, at Raw is War, April 6th, Owen was on his way to win the Intercontinental Title from Rocky Maivia, when Chyna came down to the ring and whacked Owen with a baseball bat. Owen has aligned himself with the LOD 2000 in his battle with Degeneration X. At In Your House, Unforgiven, where Chyna was locked in a cage, which was suspended above the ring. Owen and Hunter put on a great show, but it was Hunter who pulled out the win due to interference from X-Pac. After the match Owen stated that things have to change. Enough is enough, and it's time for a change And things certainly changed the next day at Raw is War, Owen teamed with Ken Shamrock to take on Rocky Maivia and Mark Henry. In the start of the match Owen turned heel and delivered a low blow to Shamrock, he then put Ken's ankle in a steel chair and proceeded to drop on it twice from the turn buckle, Owen put Shamrock in the Sharpshooter. When officials talked Owen into releasing the hold, he jumped on Shamrock and bit him in his ear, when the officials pulled him off, Owen's face was smeared in blood. Personally I'm glad for Owen's heel turn, since he now is out of the feud with Degeneration X, which couldn't go any further, Owen now have the chance to shine as he did when he turned on Bret in 1994. Owen is now a full fledged member of the Nation of Domination, where he alongside Rocky Maivia will lead the Nation on to bigger and better things. With the Nation behind him Owen will continue to battle Hunter and Degeneration X, but now the odds are even. One of Owen's new trademark maneuvers since joining the Nation, is to bite the ear of his opponents until blood is drawn. At Over the Edge, Owen and the rest of the Nation worked good together to defeat Degeneration X, Owen secured the win for his team when he executed the Pedigree on Hunter. At Raw is War, June 2nd, the Nation fought DX in a elimination match, when suddenly Ken Shamrock appeared and attacked Owen, this feud can only be good. Owen qualified himself to the next round of the King of the Ring tournament by defeating Too Cold Scorpio at Raw is War, June 8th, also Owen's feud with Shamrock go more heat to it, when the Nation attacked Shamrock only to be stopped by Dan Severn who later got a taste of the same but only to be saved by Shamrock. Owen Hart died 11 months later falling to his death at 34. Hart will be missed by all, family,friends and the fans.May Owen Hart Rest In Peace.