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The Undertaker.....The Story

The Undertaker...The Story The Undertaker made his first appearance on November 22, 1990 at the Survivor Series. He was a mystery opponent on the Million Dollar Man's team. The Undertaker was brought to the World Wrestling Federation by the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, who gave him as a gift to a crooked by the name of Brother Love. From there, Brother Love turned the Undertaker over to Paul Bearer. At WrestleMania VIII, Jake "The Snake" Roberts attempted to manhandle Paul Bearer outside the ring, the Undertaker crept up on Roberts and buried him with a Tombstone on the arena floor. The Undertaker's first Championship reign was on November 27, 1991 at the Survivor Series, the Undertaker got his first title shot against Hulk Hogan. The Undertaker came into this match still without his first defeat. The match saw Hulk Hogan giving shot after shot to the Undertaker yet not being able to bring him down. The Undertaker Tombstoned Hogan, but he kicked out. Hogan was finally able to knock the Undertaker down, but Ric Flair made his way to ringside. While Hogan was distracted by Flair, the Undertaker got up and was able to tombstone Hogan on a chair that Flair slid into the ring. The Undertaker got the pin and the WWF title. After the match Hogan was out for about 3 minutes before being helped back to the locker room. A rematch was scheduled the next week which Hogan won when hitting the Undertaker in the head with the urn, which ended the Undertaker's first title reign. At the 1992 Royal Rumble the Undertaker was looking to clean house. He preceded to eliminate a few guys before Hulk Hogan came down to the ring. Within his first minute in the ring, Hogan eliminated the Undertaker. At At WrestleMania VII in 1992, the Undertaker made his next big impact at WrestleMania VII when he defeated of "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. Snuka would not be seen in the WWF again until 1996. At the 1992 Survivor Series, the Undertaker emerged victorious in his first-ever casket match. At Ohio's Richfield Coliseum, the Undertaker devastated the 400-punder-plus Ugandan Giant Kamala. At the 1993 Royal Rumble, the Undertaker was involved in the Royal Rumble match. He came to the ring taking care of several guys before Giant Gonzales, who wasn't entered in the Royal Rumble, made his way to ringside. Being led by Harry Wendlesteit, the former manager of Kamala, Giant Gonzales seemed to be focus on the Undertaker. The Undertaker took the worst beating he had ever taken since coming into the WWF. At WrestleMania IX the Undertaker took on his biggest opponent ever. During the match, Harvey Wippleman handed the Giant Gonzalez a handkerchief soaked with a mysterious sedative. The Giant held it over the Undertaker's mouth and nose. The chemical took over, and the Grim Reaper went down. The Giant was disqualified, and the Undertaker went out on a stretcher. However, before the man from the Dark Side reached the locker room, he rose and went back to continue his brawl. Before SummerSlam, Paul Bearer came up missing. He was even rumored to be dead. Wendlesteit had possession of the Undertaker's urn. Giant Gonzales was again the Undertaker's opponent at SummerSlam '93. The match was a "Rest In Peace" match. The match went back and forth for a while. About 6 minutes into the match the Undertaker went after the urn only to have Wendlesteit snatch it away at the last moment. The Undertaker dove between the Giant Gonzales' legs reaching out for the urn once more when bells went off in the arena. Down the entrance way came Paul Bearer carrying a black wreath. Harry Wendlesteit immediately came after Paul Bearer only to be knocked down by a Bearer's forearm. With Wendlesteit out of the way, Paul went for the urn, and recovered it. A short time later the Undertaker connected with a flying closeline from the top rope on Giant Gonzales for the pin. After the match, Giant Gonzales chokeslamed Harry Wendlesteit in frustration from the defeat. At Survivor Series '93, the "All Americans" (Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers, and Tatanka) were scheduled to face the "Foreign Fanatics" (Yokozuna, Crush, Ludwig)in a Survivor Series rules match. However, a few weeks before Survivor Series, Tatanka was hurt in a match on Raw, which being knocked out of competition for Survivor Series. His replacement was the Undertaker. In the match, the Undertaker didn't enter the match 'til about half-way into it. When entering, he took on Yokozuna. The Undertaker put up a great fight but was eventually knocked down. Yokozuna pulled the Undertaker over to the turnbuckle and executed a Banzai Drop. However, the Undertaker sat up. Seeing this, Yokozuna was in shock. No one had ever kicked out of a Banzai Drop. The Undertaker went after Yokozuna, eventually fighting their way to the ringside area. Both Yokozuna and the Undertaker were counted out, but continued to fight there way to the back. Moments later Lex Luger made the final pin giving the All Americans the victory. The Undertaker wrestled Yokozuna at the 1994 Royal Rumble in a Casket Match. Yokozuna was the victor, but it took 10 men and the mighty Yokozuna to put the Undertaker in the casket. At the end of the match. Green smoke came out of the casket and the Undertaker rose out of the casket. And at SummerSlam of 94 the rebirth of the Undertaker occured. For the first time ever at a SummerSlam, the Undertaker faced the Undertaker. At the 1994 Royal Rumble, the Undertaker was placed in the casket by 10 other WWF Superstars and he said he was going to be reborn. No one believed that there could not be two Undertakers. Ted DeBiase also believed this. On an episode of RAW, DeBiase "brought" back the Undertaker. The match at the '94 SummerSlam on August 29 was amazing. Ted DeBiase Undertaker wore gray gloves and Paul Bearer's Undertaker wore purple gloves. Both Undertakers did the same moves, but both kept setting up. Paul Bearer's Undertaker did three Tomestones to beat Ted DeBiase's Undertaker. Then shoved DeBiase's Undertaker in the casket. In 1994, the Undertaker wrestled Yokozuna in a casket match. Chuck Norris stood at the entrance way to block other World Wrestling Federation superstars from interfering. It worked, but IRS got into the ring from the crowd and put the Undertaker a sleeper, but the Undertaker soon got up and pushed Yokozuna in the casket and broke the Japanese flag over his knee and threw that in the casket as well. In early 1995, the Undertaker spent most of his time fighting off Ted DiBiase's men. At the 1995 Royal Rumble, the Undertaker was up against Irwin R. Schyster. I.R.S. proved to be no match for the Undertaker. As the Undertaker made short work of him and the "druids" that were at ringside. In 1995 at Wrestlemantia XI, the Undertaker was challenged by another of DiBiase's men, King Kong Bundy. Bundy was also proved to be not much of a challenge as the Undertaker took care of him in under seven minutes. At the 1995 King of the Ring, the Undertaker took on Mable, the Undertaker was defeated in that match, and at the end of the night Mable deafeated everyone in the King of the Ring tournament and Mable became the 1995 King of the Ring winner. At WrestleMania XI, Kama stole the Undertaker's urn and this lead up to this match at the 1995 SummerSlam. The Undertaker beat Kama with the Tombstone, and stuffed him in the casket. In 1996, the Undertaker wrestled Bret "The Hitman" Hart for the WWF title. At the conclusion of the match Big Daddy Cool Diesel came out and pulled the referee out of the ring. At that made Bret Hart retain the title. At the war had just begun between the Undertaker and Diesel. In 1996 at Beware of Dog II, the Undertaker faced Goldust in a casket match. This casket match was for the Intercontinental title. The Undertaker Tombstoned Goldust and when the Undertaker opened the casket, Mankind was in the casket, put the Mandible Claw on the Undertaker and put the Undertaker in the casket. After the Undertaker was in the casket, smoke was coming out of it and when it was opened up, the Undertaker was gone. At WrestleMania XII, the Undertaker took on Big Daddy Cool Diesel. This was a back and forth contest. Diesel took the early lead, jarring the Undertaker with a running clothesline against the turnbuckles. But when he tried the same tactic in the opposite corner of the ring, he got nailed in the face with a boot. From there the Undertaker tried a Tombstone, but Diesel slipped out the back. Undertaker followed up with a cross-bodypress, gripped Diesel in a wristlock, walked across the top rope and lowered an elbow onto Diesel's vulnerable limb. Amazingly, Diesel recovered from this attack and shocked his opponent with a jackknife. It wasn't enough though, Undertaker got up, ran the ropes, plowed over Diesel then picked him up for the dreaded Tombstone. The Undertaker had managed to outlast his competitor. At the King f the Ring in 1996, the Undertaker wrestled the derange Mankind. It was a brutal match. Paul Bearer tried to hit Mankind with the urn, but he missed Mankind and hit the Undertaker. In 1996 at SummerSlam, Mankind would take on the Undertaker at SummerSlam. To win this match was to get to the ring and gain possession of the urn. This was the first Boiler Room Brawl in the history of the World Wrestling Federation. The Undertaker even threw Mankind off a fifteen foot ladder. While trying to get out of the Boiler Room, the Undertaker sprayed the chemicals from the fire extinguisher in the face of Mankind. Then Mankind poured hot coffee onto the Undertaker. Then both superstars made their way to the ring and the Undertaker first and he got on one knee like we saw many times before and Paul Bearer would not give him the urn. Then Mankind got in the ring and put the Mandible Claw on the Undertaker while Paul Bearer look on and laughed. While the Undertaker tried to craw towards Paul Bearer, he nailed the Undertaker with the urn. In September of 1996 at Mind Games In Your House, the Undertaker would face Goldust. After a brutal match, the Undertaker finished the bizarre one with a Tombstone. The Undertaker would face Mankind in the very first buried alive match in October of 1996. After a Tombstone by the Undertaker, he picked up Mankind's bartered carcass and chokeslammed him in the grave. While the Phenom was filling in the grave, the Executioner nailed the Undertaker in the head with a shovel, and several different Superstars filled the grave. Then lightning struck the grave and the Undertaker's hand appeared from the grave. At the 1996 Survivor Series, the Undertaker battled Mankind and the former manager Paul Bearer was locked in a cage which hang above the ring. If the Undertaker won the match he would get five minutes alone with Paul Bearer. On that night, the Undertaker was reborn. He wore all black leather. The match was very brutal. It was back and forth. The Undertaker won the match, but the Executioner came out and saved Paul Bearer. For the first time ever, the world witnessed this match, an Armageddon Match. To win this match, was to beat your opponent and hope they stay down for a ten count. The Undertaker was in control for almost the whole match. Then Mankind came out and security put Mankind in a straight jacket. Mankind even tried to run at the Undertaker with the straight jacket on. The match ended up outside and the Executioner ended up in a water complex in front of the arena. When the match got back into the ring, the Undertaker Tombstoned the Executionor and the referee counted to ten. In the year of 1997, the Undertaker took on Vader. Vader won the brawl with some help from Paul Bearer. At the end of the match, the Undertaker chokeslammed the referee. The Undertaker was the the last participant in the Rumble and if it wasn't for Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker would have won it. At the Final Four in Febuary 0f 1997, the Undertaker took on Vader, Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Undertaker busted open Vader and that lead to Vader's elimination. Stone Cold was eliminated by Bret Hart. And when it came down to it, the Undertaker was going to Tombstone Bret Hart, but Stone Cold came down to the ring and distracted the Undertaker and while the Undertaker was staring down Austin, Bret Hart close lined the Undertaker over the top rope to the floor. At WrestleMania XIII, the Undertaker faced Sycho Sid for the WWF Championship. After a chokeslam by the Undertaker, Sid seemed to recover and was set to counter with a powerbomb when Bret "Hit Man" Hart distracted the champion. The Undertaker seized the moment, grabbed Sid and planted him with the Tombstone to secure the victory and the World Wrestling Federation Championship for the second time. When Mankind burned the Undertaker's face, he made his return at Revenge of the Taker when he took on his nemisist Mankind for the Championship. The Undertaker won the match and at the end, the Undertaker burned Paul Bearer's face. This was the first time that Stone Cold wrestled the Undertaker in a WWF Championship match. The Hart Foundation was sitting at ring side and that distracted both Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker. The Undertaker won the match, but the Hart Foundation left their seats to go in after Stone Cold and the Undertaker. In 1997 at the King of the Ring, this was the first time ever were the World Wrestlling Federation championship was on the line because of racism. Farooqe of the Nation Of Domination demanded this match because he said "that he never got a title shot because he was black!" (I think that was a load of crap.) At the conclusion of the match the Undertaker was the victor. But at the very end of the match Ahmed Johnson came out and Pearl River Plunged the Undertaker. The Undertaker would take on Vader for the WWF title, and Vader would have Paul Bearer in his corner. The Undertaker won the match with the Tombstone, but Paul Bearer warned the Undertaker that he would tell the whole world his secret. At the 1997 SummerSlam, the Undertaker was champion and he faced the Hitman Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels was the special referee. While Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were arguing, Hart spit in the face of Michaels and Shawn Michaels tried to nail Hart with the chair, but Michaels missed and hit the Undertaker by mistake and Shawn Michaels had no chance but to count the one...two...three. Their first meeting ever! The Undertaker would take on Shawn Michaels. Three referees were destroyed in the match. At the end, all the WWF superstars that were in the ring held both the Undertaker and Shawn Michales back. Then the Undertaker with great agility jumped over the top ropes and landed on Shawn Michaels and all the wrestlers who were holding him back. In Your House Badd Blood, the Undertaker wrestled "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels in a Hell In A Cell Match. Shawn Michaels was a bloody mess when the Undertaker got done with him. At the conclusion of the match something happened. The lights went out and the Undertaker's younger brother Kane appeared for the first time. In 1998, was the World Wrestling Federation Championship match against Shawn Michaels. This was a casket match that Shawn Michaels won by Kane pumbling the Undertaker and everyone thought that he was going to help the Undertaker. At the conclusion of the casket match, Kane set the Undertaker's casket on fire with the Undertaker in it. This was their very first meeting ever between two brothers. Before the match even got underway, Kane put his physical prowess on display by chokeslamming guest ring announcer Pete Rose. Once the bell sounded the brothers unleashed a hellish fury on one another. Kane had the upper hand throughout much of the contest, but suddenly the Undertaker mounted a brutal offensive arsenal. With a choke-slam, a leg drop, a flying clothesline from the top rope and THREE Tombstone Piledrivers, the elder sibling was able to capture victory. When the Undertaker returned on an episode of RAW in January, he introduced to the world the Ministry Of Darkness. At the same time, he sacrificed the soul of Dennis Knight and renamed him Mideon. The Ministry Of Darkness consisted of the Acolytes, Mideon, Viscera, and their leader the Undertaker with his manager Paul Bearer. The Ministry would then grow with three new members, the Brood (Edge, Gangrel, and Christian). At the 1999 Royal Rumble intitled No Chance In Hell, the Undertaker's Ministry Of Darkness struck without warning and hammered on Mable and the Undertaker made him apart of the Ministry a renamed him Viscera! At Backlash In Your House in April of 1999 which was the first meeting ever. The Undertaker took on the World's Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock. The Undertaker was screaming like I never heard before. The Undertaker won the match with the Tombstoned. After the match, the Undertaker told Bradshaw to beat on an injured Shamrock. For the third time in history, the world witnessed Hell In a Cell, when the Undertaker and the Big Boss Man were locked inside the massive steel structure at WrestleMania XV! The battle was furious and it was great match. At the conclusion of WrestleMania XV the Big Boss Man got hung from the Hell In A Cell. Boss Man was never the same again after the Boss Man got a Corporate hanging from the Undertaker. The Brood was then excommunicated from the Ministry because the Undertaker wanted Christian on the symbol, but the Brood wouldn't follow orders, so they started to fight back. In May of 1999, Over The Edge, the Undertaker wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF championship. Shane was the special referee. It was a gruesome match and the Undertaker took out two referees Patt Patterson and Gerald Brisco. The Undertaker defeated Austin for the title with a fast count from Shane McMachon. At the 1999 King of the Ring, a brutal match for the Undertaker's WWF Championship was fought. The Undertaker won the match with some help from a mysterious liquid and Triple H. In the second Fully Loaded, Stone Cold defended his Championship belt against the Undertaker! There was a special stipulation: if Stone Cold wins, Vince McMachon would never be seen on WWF Television again! If Undertaker wins, Austin never gets a Championship match ever again! During the match, X-Pac kicked a chair in the Undertaker's face which made the Phenom bleed and Austin won the match with help from X-Pac! On an recent episode of RAW, the Undertaker aligned himself with the Big Show to help wage war with the Phenom's younger brother Kane and to help take apart the World Wrestling Federation. The Undertaker even told the Big Show that one day, he would stab him right in his chest and ripped his heart out. Sine the Unholy Union was formed, Armageddon has fallen over the WWF. At SummerSlam on August 22, 1999, the Undertaker and the Big Show teamed up to take on the WWF Tag Team Champions X-Pac and Kane. After the Big Show chokeslammed X-Pac and made a poor pin, the Undertaker got upset and Tombstoned X-Pac for the victory and that would make the Undertaker a two time WWF Tag Team Champion. The Undertaker has had a great deal of success in the World Wrestling Federation. From videos (Undertaker The Phenom), to his Funny Car, to being on front of TV Guide, and to being presented in a Tattoo Magazine. Lets just hope it doesn't end for the greatest WWF Superstar of all time.