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Is There Christmas in Heaven?

The Christmas Tree

It has been thirty one years since Sonja passed away. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. Almost everything that we did on that day cannnot be forgotton. It was early in the morning on that December day that we all got into the car to run a few errands. It was a tradition for my children to decorate the grave of their fathers' for Christmas. He has been gone for three Christmas'. They were young and thought that it would be grand. I think that little children have so much goodness in their heart that all they could do was to share it even with someone who wasn't there.

As we entered the cemetary to find the grave of the children's father, Sonja noticed that some of the graves were decorated with Christmas trees. Her question to me was "Do people in heaven celebrate Christmas?" I assured her that they did only not in the way we would celebrate Christmas. She paused a moment and said I wish my dad could have Christmas in the cemetary and he could have a tree. I thought well next year we would put a tree on his grave. We stopped and put the Christmas flowers on his grave and went home.Sonja was hit by a car two hours later and died.

I guess that she must be having Christmas in heaven now. I always try to get a tree out to her grave and the cemetary so at least they can celebrate like we do a little. Some years they are stolen. In my heart I know that she knows I put one there so they can all have Christmas in heaven.

by Mary
This is a true story and this did happen.

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