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As I sit and gaze out the window,
The sun shines in distant beauty,
I remember the times we had together.
I think about the life we shared.
You were there for me.
I see the birds sing and make wonderful music.
How you loved to hear them.
When I was small you comforted me,
We have many memories of our life together.
Something that makes life worthwhile.
When I was small you held my hand,
And made me feel secure.
As I grew older you were there to see what life was all about.
when I became a mother you shared my joy,
You gave my child the same love you gave to me.
I cherish all these things!
I learn to love because of you,
I became what I am because you were there.
When you left my heart was empty,
I am kind of lost at times.
But I always have my memories.
In each season of the year I will remember,
The special things we did.
Your life is over but it has touched me.
And I am better for it.
Part of you will always be here.
our love is eternal,
Bonded through our life we are bonded forever.
By MaryP.

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