"Wrong Scully Hair" -- a Song About "Sein Und Zeit"
formerly "Lady In Red" by Chris De Burgh

Never seen a jacket as heinous as the one tonight
That button is just not right  
Never thought I would declare
"Gosh, that red shirt doesn't look swell
Scully's kinda lookin' like hell
Must be too much gel."
Though I try to never bash Her Glory
That suit jacket reappears scene after scene
I'm gonna scream.

Wrong Scully hair
Is on my TV
Oh deah gott
Why doesn't it move?
Set the hair free!
It's just my heartfelt plea           
I can't believe
The CHarc mess witnessed here    
Oh help me forget
The ep brought me to tears.

Maybe I could blame her appearance on my poor eyesight
Must admit she's in bad light
Lots of shadow
And that buttoned blue shirt looks nice --
Better than a dread white blouse, true
Yet she wears one of those things, too!
Can it get much worse?
I have never felt disappointment
Like the letdown that I feel over these clothes
Can we burn them now?
Wrong Scully hair
So short and so flat
Don't like that
An untucked shirt here 
Strange lipstick there
It stops and makes me stare
I almost miss
The seasons full of beige 
I'll never rewatch              
This cesspool, "Sein Und Zeit"
I'll never rewatch                
This cesspool, "Sein Und Zeit."

Now y'all go and watch "Hell Money" like Sister Beer suggests.

Author: Bryn

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