A filk, to the the tune of Gloomy Sunday:

Sunday is gloomy
This season is endless
And like continuity
I swear, I could care a less
Doggett and Reyes
Will never interest me
Nor will the black oil,
Aliens, or that damn bee.
FOX execs have no thoughts
Of ever ending it
Another season and
I won't be watching it 

Gloomy Sunday 

Gloomy is Sunday
TV-free I spend it all
My VCR and I
Have decided not to tape at all
Soon there'll be posts
And prayers, lots to read I know
My sanity will keep
For to Fest, I will gladly go
Snacks, chat and fun
Sistren I'm blessed to know
With every laugh, my soul
Will be thanking you

Gloomy Sunday
Viewing, I will not be viewing
Mulder and Scully I will keep
In the deep of my heart here
Siblings I hope,
That my ire hasn't bothered you
This post is telling you
How much I'm loving you 

Gloomy Sunday 

Author: Cherish

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