sung by my voice double Amber Benson
big apologies to Joss Whedon

I gave my life to this show
Always the screen in my face
It didn't seem so sad, though
I figured that was my place
Now I've seen the light
Something just isn't right

I've broken your spell
How else could it be
That the show's boring to me?
The writing's gone to hell
Where's our strong Scully
Is she gone so easily?

I saw a world enchanted
With our heroes on the air
I always took for granted
That they would always be there
But the show's gone on
Without anything to hang on

I've broken your spell
Nothing you can do
I can't be faithful to you
Nothing's been explained well
Finally, I knew
Not a promise turned out true
I cannot believe!

There's more, but I can't bring myself to butcher the last part
of the song. Plus, this makes me sound much more bitter than I
actually am. But this was fun. :)


Author: Sick of Abductions

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