The X-FilesSong 
(to the tune of "The Christmas Song" by Mel Torme' ) 

X-Files coming... 
over the FBI News wire... 
Evil Critters nipping at your toes... 
Forensic Evidence going up in a fire, 
and FBI Agents on the Ice like Eskimos. 

Everybody knows...a Mutant & some Aliens, 
canhelp to make the TV season right; 
TinyTots with their Brains all aglow 
willfind it easy to wack their dads...tonight. 

They know that Smoking Man is on the way, 
With a sniper rifle old presidents he had to slay. 
And Dana Scully's Child is going to try... 
to believe if UFOs really do exist...and fly. 
So now I'm offering this simple phrase, 
for Philes from 1013 to 42... 
Although it's been posted, 
many times, many ways, 


Author: RJ

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