Ok, it's not a very good filk, but the important thing 
is that I've vented, right?

First Person Shooter (I'm spelling it out, because like 
Tammy, I cannot see the letters *FPS* together without 
remembering those damn commercials) was actually not the 
reason I wrote this...it was just what pushed me over the
edge.  My apologies to Olivia Newton-John and whoever 
wrote this...this sapfest.  

Chris, Honestly...Screw You
a filk of _I Honestly Love You_, Sap!Anthem of the 70s

CC, when you're around here

The Show sucks more than it should
We both know you've lost control of this show*

So I've got something to tell you
That I've always thought I would
And now it's time, you really ought to knoooowww....

Chris, screw you!
Chris, honestly, screw you

I don't want your answer
I see it in your eyes
There's no change from when it was unsaid
My words had no effect
I should have realized
Those damn monologues won't stop until you're deeeeaaaadddd....

So, screw you
Honestly, screw you

I can't believe you're not the least bit uncomfortable
Allowing your best creation such a fall
Dear Scully needs to be buttoned up, everyday
And she needs latex for her hands
And scrub shirts and pants some days

Damn it, you
She's a friggin' doctor

Once, I could have sworn
That I'd never see the time
My dear Scully would ever get to kiss
But Millenium let her score
Not what I had in mind
So it's no wonder that I'm still so damned pissed

(To) Hell with you,
Chris Carter, I hate you
I honestly...hate you

*of the story lines

Sister Beer
regretting not leaving a flaming bag of poo on 1013's 
doorstep when she had the chance ten days ago

Author: Beer

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