Filk of "With Cat-Like Tread" from Gilbert and Sullivan's 
"The Pirates of  Penzance", in which I played Mabel in
twelfth grade, about which you do not care. :)

Jean Claude the bee
Caused Scully lots of woe.
The insect has to go.
Let's kill the bee!
We must avenge our saint.
Where she's concerned, we should not show restraint.

Jean Claude has been a naughty bee
And now the bug is history.

Come, friends, let's kill the bee.
He hid in Scully's clothing
And thus induced our loathing.
Our task is clear to me -
Make him perish painfully.
Come, friends, let's kill the bee.
He let the baddies take her -
This bug must meet his maker.
Let's send him instantly
Off to immortality!

Here's your machete
And your hand grenade,
Your big-ass bazooka
And your can of Raid.
Your tin of arsenic,
Your Sig Sauer, see.
Take your weapons now and go hunt down that bee.

He won't evade
Our crack brigade!

They nearly kissed,
But Scully she was stung.
So Mulder missed
His chance to give her tongue.
Let's kill the bee!
The shippers wanted more.
A smooch was all that we were asking for.

Jean Claude's so vile he had the nerve
To sabotage hot monkey lurve.

Come, friends, let's kill the bee.
He ruined Scully's chances
Of dropping Mulder's pantses.
Let's spray him speedily
With a little CFC.
Come, friends, let's kill the bee.
Achieve our vindication
With bug extermination.
Hear my demure decree -
Time for a fatality!

This entity
We must annihilate.
Jean Claude the bee,
It's time to meet...your...fate!

Author: Skullhead

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