[ed note: one only hopes that by the time this filk is posted, season 7 has
started in Australia. Poor Skull.]
THINK OF ME (or "Song of the Severed")

Think of me,
When season seven all you Yanks epsy.
Remember me,
Watching the reruns, trying not to cry.

When you're revelling in black bra bliss
Or mytharc-based insanity,
If you ever find a moment,
Spare a thought for me.

Your posts confuse, what is this ChipArc news?
I nearly shoot my poor TV.
But I'll try and still contribute -
I can post OT.

Think of all the episodes you've seen -
I'm stuck with tapes of "Ghost in the Machine."

Think of me,
Tired of Stoned!Saint in "Three of a Kind".
Imagine me,
Watching the kiss and not hitting rewind.
Recall those episodes you've all forgot -
To me they're spanking freakin' new.
There will never be a spoiler
That I can eschew!

Can it be,
Can it be previews?
Season's here, I give a mighty cheer,
With the reviews I can concur.
But poor Aderyn's still severed -
So I gloat at her.

We never said that we'd discuss the eps
When, ten years later, they reach me.
But please promise me that sometimes
You will think of me!


Affected by the deprivation,

Author: Skullhead

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