"The X-files Tonight" / "Comedy Tonight"
from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Sondheim)

Freaks of biology,
the X-Files tonight!

People who read minds,
Creatures of all kinds,
Flukeman, the Jersey Devil -
X-Files tonight!

Bile-draining Tooms,
Old folks on 'shrooms,
CSM smiles through tobacco fumes,
Krycek in leather,
Thinks he's so clever
Yet Scully & Mulder save the day,
Lies keep on building;
game's still in play.

Something with green goo,
Shapeshifting's good, too,
Army conspiracies,
the X-Files tonight!

Strange forms of cancer,
No simple answer,
Illness runs rampant on
the X-Files tonight!

The Syndicate plots,
Agents get shot,
Strains of black oil sure turn up a lot,
You should trust no one don't you know?
The truth must be out there,
On with the show!

Author: Bryn

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