Note: 'The First Noel' is about the most metrically ambiguous song
I've ever come across, which allowed a certain amount of freedom in
the filking. Result: the words fit the tune; it just might take a
couple of tries to twist them correctly. 

The hair from hell
The CHarcists did say
Did in Season the Seventh cause widespread dismay.
The mousse of doom 
And the scissors of dread
United to desecrate Scully's sweet head.

No gel, no gel
No gel, no gel
Season the Seventh wrought hair from hell.

In Danson II
The crop did appear 
But 'twas Hair of Maleeni that wreaked the most fear. 
And to the fans
It gaveth great fright
When they witnessed the horror of "Sein und Zeit".

No gel, no gel
No gel, no gel
Doctrine was tested when floof did dispel.

But soothed were fears
And eased was concern
When in "all things" the floof did see fit to return.
When Scully made
Some hot monkey lurve
Her hair did regain all its vigor and verve.

No gel, no gel
No gel, no gel
Scully got laid and her hair it did swell.

And now, when she
Is alone in her quest
To find her dear partner and show off her chest
Her hair so grand
It's plain to see
Has developed into its own entity.

No gel, no gel
No gel, no gel
Scully's new man has a strawberry smell.

So CHarcists all
Please join me in prayer
To acclaim the new partnership: Scully and Hair.
He'll never ditch
Or betray their bond
But in case, there is always the curling wand.

No gel, no gel
No gel, no gel
Celebrate death of the hair from hell!

Author: Skullhead

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