Mulder's in the Thousand Island

Mulder's in the Thousand Island
Mulder Is Not Dead / "I Think I Love You" (The Partridge Family) 50 Ways to Leave Your Brother / "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" (Simon & Garfunkel)
What Do You Do With A Drunken Mulder / "...Drunken Sailor" (Traditional) Little Bunny Mulder / "Little Bunny Foo Foo" (traditional :) )
Mulder Went Down to Georgia / "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (Charlie Daniels Band) Stand in the Office / "Walk in the Ocean" (Toad the Wet Sprocket)
One Show / "One Week" (Barenaked Ladies) Search For Those Conspiracies G-Man / "Play That Funky Music White Boy" (Wild Cherry)
Mulder's Hanukah Song / "I had a Little Dreidl"(Traditional) The Great Pretender (The Platters)
Please Mr. Fletcher / "Please Mr. Please" (Olivia Newton-John) Monday / "Closer to Fine" (Indigo Girls)
Fight For Your Right to X-Files / "Fight For Your Right to Party" (Beastie Boys) Mulder the Spooky Agent / "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" (Gene Autry)
The Agent In the Psycho Ward / "The Phantom of the Opera" (A.L. Webber etc.) 50 Ways to Find a Liver / "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" (Simon & Garfunkel)
Never Lose My Phone Again / "Never Let Me Down Again" (Depeche Mode) Scully / "Stranded at the Drive-In" (Grease)
Gone / "Torn" (Natalie Imbruglia) Away / "The Way" (Fastball)
Quit Playing Games With My Mind / "...Heart" (Backstreet Boys) Lonely Mulder / "Lonely Boy" (Andrew Gold)
/ "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
(Mary Poppins)
Inside A Spaceship / "Under the Boardwalk" (the Drifters)
My Punk-boy Just Cares For Truth "My Baby Just Cares For Me" (Nina Simone) * Samantha, Goodbye / "American Pie" (Don McLean)
* Oh, What A Night! / "December 1963 (Oh What A Night)" (The Four Seasons) Wake Up, Little Scully / "Wake Up, Little Susie" (The Everly Bros.)
My Feet Can Reach The Damn Pedals, Fox / "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" (James Taylor) Abductee / "Honesty" (Billy Joel)
Mulder In the Sky With Hybrids / "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" (the Beatles) Dana Scully Is An Agent / "Joy To the World" (Three Dog Night)
The Return of Mulder / "The Eye of the Tiger" (Survivor) Sidekick By Your Ass / "Heart of Glass" (Blondie)
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