Conspiracies (was: America, by Paul Simon. 
                   And I do apologize.)

"Let us be partners,
Well throw both our cellphones together.
Ive got some strange ideas
Here in my head."
So we moved into a basement place,
And she never got a desk,
And we started
To look for conspiracies.
"Scully", I said,
As we boarded a Taurus in D.C.,
"Fowley just seems like a dream to me now.
It took me five years
To convince even Skinner.
Ive gone to look for conspiracies."
Laughing in the diner,
Playing games with the faces,
She said the man in the crumpled rain coat
Was a spy.
I said: "Be careful,
This person is really my father."
"He smokes a cigarette.
I think theres a hole in his raincoat."
"He killed my informant
A year ago."
So I looked at the railroad track,
She read the traffic signs;
And the moon rose over a large corn field.
"Scully, Im lost," I said,
Though I knew she had noticed.
"Im a punk and a fool and
You made me whole."
Counting the UFOs
over Roswell, New Mexico.
Theyve all come
To start colonizing us...
All come to start colonizing us...

Author: Glasses

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